HR Forum London: the role of HR and L&D in Mergers & Acquisitions

A breakfast session in the FT headquarters about developing people and empowering leaders to embrace change and drive innovation.

Dec 06, 2019

Organisational and Leadership Development before and after M&As

What is the role of HR and Learning & Development before, during and after a merger?  Integrating workforces and aligning leadership can be a challenge. In addition, few things make workers more nervous than acquisitions, since the process often creates opportunities to cut costs or spin off certain subsidiaries.

Against this background, the role of HR and L&D professionals is increasingly relevant. Finding, developing and empowering people to lead teams and organisations through change and disruption is now more crucial than ever.

In the next event in collaboration with Headspring, The 125 will bring together FT Contributing Editor Michael Skapinker and industry experts to discuss the strategic role HR and L&D leaders will play in helping their businesses embrace opportunities generated through Mergers & Acquisitions.

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