HR Talks Stockholm: Leadership Development in an AI-Driven Workplace

Jump-starting our new events season with a debate on the impact of automation in the world of business
Sep 12, 2019

“HR leaders cannot abstract themselves from the conversation about data and employee analytics. Data and artificial intelligence is not about technology, but about people.”

With this premise, a selected group of senior HR and L&D leaders joined Headspring’s latest event in Stockholm to tackle complex questions about leadership in an AI-driven workplace

Guests from companies such as Ericsson, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Electronic Arts (EA) and Swedbank had a chance to cover topics around ethics, automation, employee relations, performance and talent management.

Facilitated by the Financial Times’ Technology Editor, Malcolm Moore, professor in digital economy Alan Brown,  and technology entrepreneur Aurore Belfrage, the conversation covered topics such as personalisation, privacy, automation and the future of jobs – all from an HR and L&D perspective.

One of the key takeaways was that HR leaders need to focus on trust, on protecting the right to be human, and on communicating the changes both to the workforce and to the top table. The speed of change might be rapid, and the debate casts into question the fundamental relationship between companies and their employees.

More insights on Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Guests also had the opportunity to learn some of the key findings from Headspring’s AI in the Horizon report, which interviewed over 4,500 professionals across seven countries about their views on how artificial intelligence will impact their work and careers.  To download the report, click here: