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Accelerate growth by aligning marketing, finance, management and client relations to your business vision.
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Business Strategy

Strategic thinking is an acquired skill. But as your high-potential managers move into senior roles are they ready to tackle issues beyond their functional expertise?

We are helping hundreds of future leaders worldwide to think strategically about customers, finance, marketing and much more. Your company’s future depends on a new generation of strategic problem solvers. Are they prepared?

Our programmes are helping organisations to strategically align marketing, finance, sales and management to achieve faster and sustainable growth.

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Our FT journalists are close to the source. They know the facts before they become news. Our 500+ educators come from the world’s top business schools and have wide experience in helping business to innovate. Working together, they will challenge mindsets and help your business move forward.

Juan Manuel Serrano Lopez

A member of the European Centre for the Experience Economy and member of the Association for the Development of the Customer Experience, Juan Manuel Serrano Lopez is Professor of Human Resources Management. He is the founder of Transforma, a company specialising in research and skills training.

Peter Fisk

Professor of strategy, innovation and marketing at IE Business School, Peter Fisk is founder of GeniusWorks, advising on fast-changing markets around the world, helping companies find new ways to think and compete. He delivers custom-designed, high-impact workshops and has guided companies that have included British Airways, Coca-Cola and Visa.

Rob-Jan de Jong

A behavioural strategist who combines strategy with psychology, Rob-Jan de Jong is an expert on development of vision as a leadership quality. He consults, speaks, teaches and writes about this and related subjects, such as unlocking imagination, challenging assumptions, strategic decision-making and inspiring future-oriented leadership.

Virginia Bombín

Professor of financial management at IE Business School, Virginia Bombín specialises in advising people with a non-financial background on corporate finance strategy, management development and business administration. She has in-depth experience of delivering executive education programmes for companies that include Accenture, Santander and London Stock Exchange.

Brooke Masters

Brooke Masters has been the FT’s comment and analysis editor since 2018. She previously served as companies editor, chief regulation correspondent, City of London correspondent and as a contributor to the Lex column. She spent the first part of her career in the US covering a variety of areas including criminal justice, local politics and education for the Washington Post.
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From masterclasses to roundtable talks, we host and sponsor a wide variety of events covering several countries and topics, always aiming to generate fresh debate, new ideas and practical insights for senior executives.
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