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Every company tries to innovate. They don’t all do so in the right way, or the right areas. Innovation strategy can be incremental or disruptive, short-term or long-term. It can focus on your processes, technology, products, customers and even your business model.

Innovation is a state of mind. Our programmes help companies identify which areas of their business needs fresh thinking, and then guide their teams towards creative, viable solutions to real-life company problems.

Our programmes don’t just inspire people to think creatively, but also help leaders understand how they can foster a culture of innovation, without losing sight of the core strategy and business vision.

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Our FT journalists are close to the source. They know the facts before they become news. Our 500+ educators come from the world’s top business schools and have wide experience in helping business to innovate. Working together, they will challenge mindsets and help your business move forward.

Salvador Aragón

Professor of Information Systems, Salvador Aragón is concerned with the role of information technologies in the business organisation, their relevance as an engine for innovation and transformation, and how they are managed. His role as Chief Innovation Officer at IE Business School offers practical application of his knowledge and interests.

Dr Steven MacGregor

Founder of the Leadership Academy of Barcelona (LAB) and author of Sustaining Executive Performance and Chief Wellbeing Officer, Steven MacGregor blends his training in design thinking with his experience as an elite athlete to deliver sustainable leadership. He holds a PhD in design management and currently races for the athletics team of FC Barcelona.

Daniel Soriano Hernandez

Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IE Business School and Professor of Entrepreneurial Management, Daniel Soriano Hernandez is trainer in design thinking and lean start-up methodologies as well as a pitch coach for start-ups for international investor forums.

Marcos Eguillor

Adviser, mentor and interim manager in more than 20 start-ups, Professor Eguillor has worked in the digital and e-Learning arena since 1999, working on innovation, mobile, apps, software, social media, Internet of Things and gamification among other business innovations. He is the founder of BinaryKnowledge digital transformation 'resultancy’.

John Thornhill

John writes a regular column on the impact of technology. He is also the founder of the FT125 forum, which holds monthly events for senior business executives, and host of Tech Tonic, the FT’s weekly podcast on technology. John was previously deputy editor and news editor of the FT in London. He has also been Europe editor, Paris bureau chief, Asia editor, Moscow correspondent and Lex columnist.
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From masterclasses to roundtable talks, we host and sponsor a wide variety of events covering several countries and topics, always aiming to generate fresh debate, new ideas and practical insights for senior executives.
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