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Helping organisations turn good managers into excellent leaders who can embrace business transformation.
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The leader’s role is simple: knowing where you want to take your company, and persuading others to follow. This means asking hard questions of yourself and your company. Are your goals realistic, rational and rigorous? Do they align with your values in a consistent and practical way, and resonate throughout the company? Are they communicated with power and authenticity?

Business leaders can be made. But every leader and every business is made differently — and so are our leadership programmes.

From negotiation and mediation to communication and management, we can create programmes that equip your leadership teams with the skills they need to take your business to the next level.

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Our FT journalists are close to the source. They know the facts before they become news. Our 500+ educators come from the world’s top business schools and have wide experience in helping business to innovate. Working together, they will challenge mindsets and help your business move forward.

Álvaro González Alorda

Co-founder and managing partner of Emergap, a consulting firm specialising in organisational transformation, Associate Professor González Alorda has collaborated with more than 100 companies in 25 countries in Europe and America. He focuses on the power of conversation in the workplace and how to inspire people to take action.

Gareth Jones

From his research focused on leadership, culture, innovation and change, Professor Jones is an inspirational communicator with deep knowledge and experience of leadership. His published work examines the role of organisational culture ad the challenges of leading the most creative people. He has held senior human resources roles at Polygram and the BBC.

Lee Newman

With work that centres on positive leadership and translating and applying behavioural science to help professionals optimise their performance in the workplace, Professor Newman’s research, teaching and professional mission focus on two areas of leadership: 'rethinking thinking’ and 'behavioural fitness’.

Liz Riches

A successful, experienced learning and development practitioner with a professional background as a senior HR business partner in international corporations, Liz Riches has worked with technical and scientific global organisations to design and roll out leadership and management programmes to multinational audiences.

Andrew Hill

Andrew is an associate editor and the management editor of the FT. He is a former City of London editor, financial editor and comment and analysis editor. He joined the FT in 1988 and has also worked as New York bureau chief, foreign news editor and correspondent in Brussels and Milan. Andrew was named Business Commentator of the Year at the 2016 Comment Awards and Commentator of the Year at the 2009 Business Journalist of the Year Awards, where he also received a Decade of Excellence award.
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From masterclasses to roundtable talks, we host and sponsor a wide variety of events covering several countries and topics, always aiming to generate fresh debate, new ideas and practical insights for senior executives.
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