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Staying abreast of potential risks created by political instability or by regulation can be challenging. We can help you stay compliant.
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Risk & Regulation

If there’s one certainty in business, it’s that much of it is shaped by regulation. Time, resources and mental energy must be diverted to understand and then implement new rules.  Hastily-devised regulations can be ambiguous and even contradictory. Deadlines can be tight. Fines can be costly.

But not all of it is bad – regulation can also create opportunities for agile companies. With our global educator network and learning technologies, we have created top-quality, mass participation learning programmes that help our clients comply with every rule.

We have developed customised online programmes to help large banks keep more than 10,000 members of staff compliant with international regulatory directives. Get in touch to understand how we can help you with your compliance challenges.

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Our FT journalists are close to the source. They know the facts before they become news. Our 500+ educators come from the world’s top business schools and have wide experience in helping business to innovate. Working together, they will challenge mindsets and help your business move forward.

John Siska

A senior executive with broad and deep understanding of global capital markets, John Siska is a former board member of the International Society of Financial Analysts. He is experienced in wholesale and investment banking, institutional investment management, equities brokerage and wealth management.

Joe DiVanna

MD of a Cambridge, UK, innovation research and advisory think-tank for global organisations, Joe DiVanna has over 30 years of experience encouraging audiences to use their knowledge of the context in which they operate, and the international exposure they aim for, to devise solutions that are locally astute and globally relevant.

Jean Michel Gauthier

Deloitte’s chief economist officer for energy and resources in Paris, Jean Michel Gauthier is a recognised expert on energy economics, markets and regulation. He has over 25 years of energy sector experience and has advised several large energy groups and governments, as well as the European Commission.

Moray McLaren

Advising top independent law firms as they review their practice focus, governance, remuneration and ownership models, associate professor Moray Mclaren launched the Lawyers´ Management Programme at IE Business School. He works increasingly with leadership teams seeking to improve performance and coming to terms with professional competitiveness.

Patrick Jenkins

Patrick oversees the FT’s coverage of financial services. He writes a weekly column on the sector, edits a weekly diary, City Insider and hosts the Banking Weekly podcast. Also assistant editor. he oversees and shapes the FT’s broader financial coverage, with a focus on financial services and investment. He leads a team of journalists globally and work closely with editors in the markets, Lex, FT Money and FTfm teams. He also contributes to the Inside Business column.
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From masterclasses to roundtable talks, we host and sponsor a wide variety of events covering several countries and topics, always aiming to generate fresh debate, new ideas and practical insights for senior executives.
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