Executive learning solutions

Transformational results, long-term impact

Our approach is 100% adaptable, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real needs.
Our philosophy

Less about what, more about how

The Headspring Approach is what sets us apart.

Our approach goes beyond what we teach or who teaches it. It’s more than facilities, methodologies or the technologies we use. It’s about how our principles harmoniously fit together and how our unique approach to design comes to life in the classroom through transformational learning experiences. It’s how learning design and context are seamlessly integrated, offering a diversity of voices, thinking and expertise.

It is, ultimately, about how the programmes we orchestrate empower your people and create value for your business.

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True customisation

Digging deep to cut through business complexity

An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business acumen and reinforced by solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do.

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. We combine a diverse range of sources and specialists to help you navigate through internal complexity and external volatility. We adopt a journalistic approach and employ vital skills such as critical thinking, active listening and adaptability to bridge the gap between the current context and your business vision.

A true partnership with our clients is critical for the success of our learning journeys. We listen and meet unique challenges with tailor-made strategies. We don’t assume we have all the answers. Instead, we work with you to understand how internal and external factors affect your business. This results in bespoke solutions that not only ask the right questions but, crucially, offer the right answers.

Technology and future-focused methodologies

Purposeful, innovative tools

Technology has always been a catalyst for learning. We carefully select innovative, immersive learning techniques and pioneering technology to bring experiences and complex concepts to life. It’s not just about the type of technology we adopt but, crucially, how we enhance learning outcomes and inspire a culture of continuous development.

From virtual reality to online modules, we create scalable solutions that improve team collaboration, allowing your leaders to make better decisions. Offering the best of e-learning, our flexible online modules connect global teams from multiple locations.

In-depth assessment

Your business has unique needs. We work closely with clients to define real needs and map out the key components of the programme.

Bespoke design

We are serious about customisation. We listen, learn and then create something that’s completely tailored to your business and to your people.

Effective delivery

Large or small groups. Local or global delivery. Our programmes are flexible and scalable. We take care of everything to let you focus on what is important.
Transformational learning experiences

Challenging mindsets, driving change

There’s something powerful about bringing people together. More than simply networking, it breaks silos, creates connections and presents solutions. Real transformative learning experiences happen in communities.

We nurture both emotional and rational thinking, and inspire participants to critically question assumptions. We encourage your people to 'learn to learn’, embrace autonomous thinking and learn from each other’s experiences.

Above all, we enable leaders to act upon their new perspectives and establish business cultures that drive your organisation’s growth. Our programmes stand on four key pillars:

True partnerships

Co-creation for us is not a buzzword, but a mindset that guides our relationships with clients from day one.

Journalistic expertise

How valuable to your business is it to understand the big issues that shape our world directly from those who are close to the source?

Best-fit assets

We tailor each programme to address specific issues. The choices of learning methodology, technology and experts are shaped by your real needs.

Cultural sensitivity

Our programmes have a global perspective with local resonance, integrating key topics with specific cultural and linguistic contexts.
Journalistic approach

Inquisitive by nature, investigative by trade

Our work starts with questions. An investigative mindset – combined with real business acumen and substantiated by solid academic methodology – is the underlining foundation of our approach.

The highly influential FT journalists that deliver our programmes offer not only a unique perspective on the events that shape the world of business, but also bring an approach that shapes the way we work with our clients.

Creating customised learning solutions is about going deep and asking the right questions. It’s about bringing multiple sources to together to create something unique. It’s about plurality of voices and ideas. It’s, above all, about the relevance and impact that our work will have on your business.

Value creation

Impact and positive business outcomes

We partner with clients who have the ability and desire to embrace a process of continuous learning and transformation. Using best practice methodologies, our learning journeys are far more than linear courses. With each learning programme, we gain intimate insights into the ways you can develop customer-centric cultures, and stimulate continual improvement and innovation across your business.

Using a variety of carefully selected impact metrics, we go beyond value creation – we empower your people and create the path for your business to thrive.

Face to face

There’s something really powerful about bringing people together. It’s more than just networking; it’s about breaking silos, creating real connections and finding solutions.


From pre-recorded modules, to live lectures, we can create scalable solutions that are ideal for a large number of participants connected from multiple locations.


Bringing the best of both worlds, we can add online elements and modules to our face-to-face programmes to ensure your teams continue learning wherever they are.
Foundation series

Our core designed, customisable programmes

Our Foundation series brings you a suite of innovative executive education programmes. Online tools and thoughtfully developed and curated resources, are tied together through engaging face-to-face sessions.
Digital Darwinism
Digital Darwinism explores the strategic, commercial and technical considerations that business leaders must balance in implementing artificial intelligence in their organisations.
Innovation demonstrates how innovation itself is an outcome of an organisation's culture; and what you can do to encourage more idea generation.
Leadership enables executives to understand themselves, lead teams and contribute to organisational success, through a considered, adaptive approach.
Non-Market Strategy
Non-Market Strategy focuses on vision and strategic thinking in a fast-paced and changing world, so that executives are prepared to deal with the unexpected.
Client success

How we help our clients

Their approach is unique. They listen carefully to our strategic and learning needs, and are always flexible and innovate about program design and delivery. We can work with them effectively all over the world. Paul Haeri | Vice President Human Resources Group | CMA CGM