HR Talks: The 21st Century Leadership Agenda

A breakfast roundtable session in Barcelona about developing people and empowering leaders to embrace change and drive innovation.

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Nov 21, 2019

Leadership in changing environments

The fundamentals of strategy are changing due to many factors. To remain competitive today’s organizations need a strategy that is dynamic, able to change direction and speed while maintaining a predetermined course to a future operating state. 

CEOs are realizing that organisational design can become barriers to innovation as silent bureaucracies can restrict the organization’s agility to adapt to changing market conditions. This session explores how leaders can leverage corporate values by altering the structure and fabric of the organization to help teams achieve their goals. Participants will learn how C-level executives are managing diverse workforces to inspire innovation and develop multidimensional career paths.

Hosted by a Financial Times journalist and a leading business school professor, this exclusive breakfast session will give HR leaders the opportunity to discuss corporate culture issues and compare approaches to digital transformation.

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