HR Talks Stockholm: developing leaders for an AI-driven workplace

A breakfast session in Stockholm about developing people and empowering leaders to embrace change and drive innovation.

Sep 11, 2019

Beyond Data & AI: insights for L&D and HR

What is the role of HR and L&D professionals in a future led by artificial intelligence? What are the most important traits that leaders need to develop, and how can HR and L&D support them?

An AI-driven world is on the horizon and nobody truly knows what it will look like.

At Headspring, we believe the future is about people. In an AI-led business world, what will make the difference is what makes us human: our ability to connect, lead, mentor, communicate, negotiate…

Against this background, the role of HR and L&D professionals is increasingly relevant. Finding, developing and empowering people to lead teams and organisations through change and disruption is now more crucial than ever.

Join other senior HR and Learning & Development leaders for an insightful discussion and networking.

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