HR Talks Kuwait, 1 April: ESG and the 21st Century Business

1 April 2020: Kuwait City, Kuwait. A breakfast roundtable session in Kuwait about creating a diverse, agile and ethical organisation.

The world of business is facing its biggest shift since the industrial revolution.

Businesses need to navigate not just new technology, emerging consumer trends, environmental changes and political instability, but also a switch to the purpose of the business itself – a purpose no longer serving just profit for shareholders, but a purpose that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

At a minimum, this means a big change for most businesses. It means total disruption for others.

With unbeatable insights from our FT journalists who daily are at the forefront of change, and our world-class professors, we designed a half-day workshop for HR, Transformation and L&D leaders from Financial Services, Oil & Gas and Government sectors to discuss how to empower people to lead and thrive, through and beyond, this shift of capitalism

Silvia Pavoni
Prof. Joe DiVanna
Bassem Banna 

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