Loss of trust in the business world: can it be restored?

Trust in the corporate world is at a low ebb, arguably its lowest level since the 2008 financial crisis.

 Incidents such as the Libor scandal in London and the faking of the emission results from Volkswagen have had a strong, negative effect on the companies that were implicated – and on the credibility of the systems designed to regulate them. Mistrust of institutions has been fuelled further by recent political events in Europe and America.

This is a video summary of a panel discussion hosted by FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance held at the Financial Times in London. It explores the issues around regaining the confidence and trust of staff.

Panel moderator: Michael Skapinker, Associate Editor and columnist at the Financial Times
Peter Montagnon, Associate Director of the Institute of Business Ethics
Alison Cottrell, CEO Banking Standards Board
Robert Phillips, Co-founder of Jericho Chambers and author of Trust Me, PR is Dead

Loss of trust in the business world: can it be restored? from FTIE Corporate Learning Alliance on Vimeo.

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