Metacognition At Work

The science of learning in business

A Headspring Report

Learning how executives learn.

It’s hard to recall a time when senior executives had to rethink so many long-standing assumptions. Facing challenges such as digital transformation, AI, demographics, changing working cultures, new geopolitical risks and much more, today’s decision makers need to be continually learning and relearning as efficiently as possible to survive and thrive. That's why how executives learn is as important as what and why they learn.

This report is aimed at all executives, especially senior leaders charged with developing strategy. 

Part One.

The Basics of Metacognition

Such as emerging mobile communications, artificial intelligence, cloud-hosted services, blockchain-managed transactions, and connected devices via the Internet-of-Things. 

How We Learn 

Both in increasing efficiency of existing business processes and enabling entirely new ones.

Part Two.

Planning your Learning Journey

To be online and accessible with greater availability.

Monitoring your Process 

Encouraging innovation in how value is created, managed, shared, and maintained.

Evaluating Results

By eliminating manual steps to be replaced by automation and using data to enhance predictive interventions. 

Six Ways To Enhance Metacognition in the Workplace 

By eliminating manual steps to be replaced by automation and using data to enhance predictive interventions. 


How to enhance learning in the workplace

Schedule it. 

Set aside a few moments each day devoted to reflecting on what you’re learning, how it’s going, whether you need to make changes and planning what you will learn next.

Accept failure. 

Failure isn’t final. It’s a step on the road to something better. Making your workplace one where it’s safe to fail will let you and your colleagues think truly creatively.

Take breaks. 

While you’re working, focus intensely. But after 45 minutes or an hour, give yourself (and others) a reward for not having been distracted and let that information have time to sink in.

Speak in stories. 

When you need to make a highly complex issue clearer, use analogies and metaphors in communications as a means to engage others. However, imagery must be carefully considered so that it clarifies rather than confuses your point

Seek out contradictory information.

Our cognitive biases make us give too much weight to issues that confirm our existing views. Ask yourself when you adopted a position and where you got your views. It might be time for a rethink.

Act it out.

Games, activities and role-playing can provide new perspectives that work at an emotional level when an intellectual-led approach fails.

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