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    Explore how we can help you reinvent your organisation through transformative learning.

    Custom Executive Programmes

    Fully customised programmes for leaders and teams based on your unique needs.

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    Enterprise Programmes

    Customised programmes for large cohorts in mid-to-large organisations.

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    L&D Consulting

    Consulting for your L&D needs, whether it's for the research, design, planning, or executing a programme.

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    Our team is here to help you with all your inquiries and business needs.

    Antonio Montes

    With extensive experience in the executive education sector, Antonio maintains essential connections across our worldwide alliance of partners. He holds leadership positions in international organisations promoting cross-border learning collaboration and development.

    Elena Escagedo

    Head of Commercial
    Before joining Headspring, Elena was Director of Open Enrolment Programs at IE Business School. Elena is a great listener, has empathy with diverse clients’ needs, and is always happy to challenge assumptions in the interests of an effective education programme. Elena has an MBA degree and a BA in Economics.

    Aicha Zerrouky

    Business Development Director, UK & Ireland
    Aicha studied History at the University of Caen, France after which she began a career in Business Development working for tech startups. She has an extensive background in strategic Business Development and in managing global multi-million dollars projects. Before joining Headspring Executive, Aicha worked at the University of Oxford-Said Business School where she helped leaders drive growth with executive education.

    Meike Gil Román

    Business Development Director Continental Europe
    Meike has over 20 years of cross-cultural work experience in corporate learning, management consulting, business development, and live communication. She is experienced in designing corporate learning programmes with an emphasis on holistic strategic planning. Meike has a comprehensive knowledge of businesses management and is particularly passionate about change and culture.

    Bassém Banna

    Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Middle East & Africa
    Bassém leads Headspring’s growth in the Middle East and Africa regions and is responsible for building and executing the business and marketing strategy, driving revenue growth, reach and impact. By leveraging his design experience, Bassém’s purpose is to help organisations design a new, more relevant approach to executive development that would be fit for the challenges and business environment of the 21st century.

    Saad El Hage

    Director of Business Development, Middle East and Africa
    A business development mindset with partnership and consultative approach. A solid acumen on business strategy, gap analysis, and corporate leadership development. Saad evolves with Headspring clients and business partners by demonstrating analytical and diagnostic abilities. Designing, planning, evaluating, analyzing corporate potential and balancing alignment are vital to the process.

    Guillermo Cabot

    Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Spain
    Guillermo’s expertise brings a wide range of tailor-made solutions for clients through a consultative approach when designing new learning programs. With over 20 years’ experience in B2B environments he also benefits from his own experience as professor for different business schools.

    Iñaki Barrutia

    Business Development Director, Iberia & Latin America
    Iñaki has over 15 years of cross-cultural work experience in corporate Learning, management consulting, and business development. He has excellent skills in strategic planning with comprehensive knowledge of business and key accounts management, finance, and project execution. He has worked in over 8 countries, is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, and has an MBA from IE.

    Elena Gómez-Caro

    Business Development Director, Iberia & Latin America
    With an MBA and extensive experience working for IE Business School, Elena has a strong background in business education and management. Elena always knew she wanted to deal with people in her area of work. She is passionate about driving change, understanding motivation, and reviving curiosity.

    Maria Luisa Garcia Camacho

    Business Development Director, Spain
    Maria Luisa has an extensive professional career and has achieved solid results, thanks to her long experience in management roles, particularly within the Healthcare sector. She developed the first program available in Spain related to Health Policy, Institutional Relations, and Market access.​ Maria earned a B.A. in Pharmacy from the University of Granada and an Executive Master in Marketing and Sales at IE Business School.​

    Nick Winwood

    Vice President, Corporate Parnterships, UK
    Nick is an authentic commercial leader with integrity and extensive experience in leading both teams of revenue professionals and internal project teams in a client environment. He works with corporate clients in the UK to provide timely solutions to talent concerns facing C-suite executives.