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Navigating Leadership: Emerging Strategies for HR & L&D

Leaders have found themselves in the eye of the storm, tasked with steering their businesses through unchartered waters towards an uncertain destination. 

Effective leadership development will be crucial to the ongoing recovery of companies and their workforces, playing a significant – even existential – role in how successfully organisations weather the economic, social, and geopolitical turbulence. We collated responses from 351 senior HR and L&D executives to better understand how well-prepared CHROs, CLOs, directors and HoDs are for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

In this research, we look at the future of leadership: how external pressures are shaping tomorrow’s business environment, how to lead with clarity of purpose, empathy, and resilience whilst making the right decisions for the future. 

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Metacognition At Work

The science of learning in business

With today’s complex challenges, decision-makers need to continually learn and relearn to thrive.

How executives learn is therefore becoming just as important as why and what they learn. This report examines how we learn and the metacognition behind learning efficiently. It also includes insights on how to best set yourself up for learning success, bitesize tips, and how to evaluate the results.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation & Human Development

Businesses have seen a rapid acceleration of digital transformation agendas.

In dealing with these challenges, focus is often placed on the technological requirements of change, but is that alone sufficient?

In this report, more than 350 senior HR and L&D executives share their views, concerns, and expectations of digital transformation in their organisations. The message that emerges from the research is clear: digital transformation is fundamentally a human process.

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Learning & Development Trends

Insights: 16 keys to a future-ready business

The challenge of planning for uncertainty.

As many businesses start 2021 under restrictive lockdowns and challenging market conditions, we consulted with a group of business transformation leaders and industry analysts to understand the key organisational development trends that will be shaping the future of work. The result of these conversations is a list of 16 key points covering leadership, digital transformation, sustainability and learning & development.

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The workplace of the future

The New Face of the Workplace

Perspectives on four scenarios likely to emerge after the crisis

In conducting this research, Headspring has complemented field interviews from business leaders and HR professionals. The goal was to understand whether the forced experience of virtual working would impact the way we work in the future. We targeted senior leaders: those who make decisions on the organizational architecture and have the biggest say in where to go from here.

As well as providing the four scenarios likely to emerge, the report provides strategies leaders can deploy to help with the transition.

believe that employees will be more likely to truly embrace remote work after the crisis
believe that senior leadership will support adopting remote work as a long term model
The four scenarios likely to emerge from differences between management and employees
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Sustainable Leadership

New Report: Sustainable Leadership

Do leaders have what’s needed to grow post-Covid organisations that are able to serve society and pursue profit?

As well as mastering strategy and finance, business leaders today need to demonstrate they can do the right thing when it comes to their people and to major social, political and environmental issues.

The Covid-19 crisis has made this clearer than ever. In this process, HR and L&D functions have become crucial to business survival and the growth of sustainable leadership.

85% of HR & L&D leaders believe ESG should be a business priority
61% see ESG as as a strategic way to adapt to change, improve employee relations
85% of businesses have learning programmes to support leaders through change
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digital transformation artificial intelligence programs
Leading in the Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence on the Horizon

Artificial Intelligence represents an exciting opportunity for businesses across all regions and industries.

However, success in implementation will depend on the management of employee expectations and confidence in the value of transition.

In times of uncertainty, as AI will unavoidably create, people need leadership. The deciding factor for most organisations, then, will be how their leaders respond.

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Our Expertise: Risk & Regulation
Leading Through Change

Leading Through Political Turmoil

Today’s leaders must understand where threats come from, how likely they are to occur, what impact they will have on your company, and how to prepare and respond. We offer a way forward

If there’s one certainty in business, it’s that much of it is shaped by what happens in the outside world. But not all of it is bad – political and social change can also create opportunities for agile companies. We offer a perspective of how you can prepare your organisation for the big changes shaping the world.

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female leader woman asian
Leadership Insights

Insights: Leading with Integrity

This selection of articles from Headspring’s writers and thought leaders highlights diverse but vital aspects of leadership and integrity from the individual, team and organisational perspectives.

A culture of integrity is hard to build and maintain. But tended with care, it simplifies tough decisions, protects reputations, attracts the right staff, and carries a company through good times and bad.

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Learning Strategy

8 Resources for your L&D Strategy

Accelerated digital transformation, workforce distribution, and acute leadership dilemmas have disrupted learning and development in unprecedented ways. 

At the same time, the crisis has made L&D teams more essential than ever.  

We have been working closely with our clients and explored a diversity of topics to help shape their executive learning strategies. While planning for uncertain times is challenging, we have prepared a shortlist of with some of our most interesting podcasts, articles and webinars to give you a head start. 

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