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It’s time to make better-informed L&D decisions. Evolve your L&D operations and integrate learning into your business strategy.

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Why Headspring

Close the gap between L&D and strategy

How do you solve the age-old challenge of aligning L&D efforts to business strategy? How can you measure and understand the impact that L&D investments have on business performance?​

With those questions in mind, we embarked on a mission to develop a suite of consulting solutions to help our clients transform their L&D practice: from siloed operations to a fully integrated, performance-driven approach. ​

We offer bespoke, unbiased strategic advice with highly practical and applicable outcomes.

We know the transformative power of training programmes. ​But we also know that they don’t work in isolation. ​And that’s why we are here. 

We can help you turn learning into business outcomes.


How it works in practice: Our 7-Step Methodology

Whether you are starting to build the foundations of your learning and development operations, or whether you are trying to inject more innovation into your corporate learning programmes, we have the right solution for you. 



Client use cases

How our consulting services can help you

Whether you are starting to build the foundations of your learning and development operations, or whether you are trying to inject more innovation into your corporate learning programmes, we have the right solution for you.

Create a corporate university

A well-designed corporate university can be a key strategic advantage for a business, from the perspective of both performance and talent retention. Our team has robust experience in L&D and can help you every step of the way.

Optimise your learning strategy

The L&D strategy plays a crucial role in ensuring your business has the capabilities in order to achieve its long-term objectives. We can help you with unbiased advice and an outside-in perspective to ensure your succeed.

Identify deep-rooted issues

Make better informed L&D investments. Performance gaps and learning needs are often the symptoms of problems that are often difficult to identify. Our 7-step methodology was designed to help you go deeper.

Get unbiased strategic advice

Having an objective perspective is essential for decision-making. We can offer your unbiased advice and an outside-in perspective to ensure you understand the wider context surrounding your business.

L&D Curriculum Design

Designing a curriculum of organisational training programmes starts with uncovering the capabilities that your business needs. We will help you design a relevant curriculum based on data and focused on outcomes.

Develop your L&D Team

Understand and apply the latest trends in learning and development. We work alongside some of the world's greatest L&D minds and FT journalists who cover developments in the future of work.

L&D and Business Alignment

Rethink your L&D initiatives and create a strategy that is truly aligned with your business vision. Work with our team to break siloes and create a learning culture and start driving real change.

Rethink L&D

Featured insights

Explore some of latest insights and get a deeper understanding of our thinking.

Why L&D programmes don't work in isolation

One of the biggest reasons why certain L&D initiatives don't lead to change is the fact that decision-makers have jumped to conclusions about what their team needs. In this article, we speak with Malek Adjerad, who is Director of Learning Design at Headspring, to understand crucial questions to ask, and steps to take to uncover deep-rooted issues within organisations.

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"The starting point is the client": the philosophy behind our approach

The Headspring approach to consulting and programme design starts with a deep understanding of our clients. We go deeper into the roots of the problem, rather than focusing on the symptoms. This interview with Malek Adjerad, our Global Head of Learning Innovation explores the rationale behind ouf philosophy.

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Our plan is starting to take shape

Metacognition: The science of learning to learn

With today’s complex challenges, decision-makers need to continually learn and relearn to thrive. This report examines how we learn and the metacognition behind learning efficiently. It also includes insights on how to best set yourself up for learning success, bitesize tips, and how to evaluate the results.

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Beyond Practice: A Talent Strategy That Transforms

Navigating talent strategy is complex, with many organisations falling into common traps. With actionable insights and real-world examples, this is a concise guide for HR professionals and leaders aiming to align talent with business success.

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Go deeper: an overview of our L&D consulting services

If your business suffers from the great divide between L&D and strategy, you are not alone. We can help you connect the dots, break siloes and ensure your L&D initiatives drive real impact. 



Why Headspring

FT & IE: Clarity and Credibility

Headspring is the strategic L&D partner for businesses in transformation.

As the joint-venture of Financial Times and IE Business School, we blend journalistic acuity with academic innovation. We have the Financial Times’ seasoned journalists who decipher tomorrow’s trends today, coupled with IE’s world-class faculty who transform these insights into pragmatic leadership skills.

This potent mix means we’re not just responding to the business landscape, but architecting its future.

That’s Headspring: developing people with purpose and impact, preparing leaders to pioneer.

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