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The Science Behind High Performance

With a new year comes new optimism. 2020 was the year of uncertainty. 2021 was the year of trial and error. 2022 is the year when the new ways of working, new leadership, and new mindsets will shape the years to come.

In the first podcast of Learning Rewired Season 2, we welcome Ruth Kudzi, founder of the Optimus Coach Academy and author of  “Is it is? The Smart Woman’s Guide to Finding Work You Love”. We discuss the science behind high performance, from how to prioritise work to how to get your team to perform their best, and Ruth Kudzi offers her views on questions like:

  • How do you get your team to perform their best?
  • What is the best way to prioritise work?
  • What is the science behind performance?



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We challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn.

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