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#17 Embracing the Evolutionary Career

Beth Davies is the former Director of Learning at Tesla and host of the super-popular Career Curves podcast, sharing a progressive voice in the domains of HR and L&D.

In this fast-moving interview, we explore the death of the linear professional path and consider the unbridled prospects of the evolutionary career.

Beth Loeb Davies, former Tesla Director of Learning. Host of the Career Curves podcast.
Meet our Guest

Beth Davies

Beth Davies is the former Tesla Director of Learning, and an expert in cultivating company culture, workforce scaling, leadership development, focusing the organisation on customer-centricity and innovating within human resources. 

She has spent over 25 years at some of the well-known global innovative companies such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and Gap, working in senior leadership roles. Having led the Learning and Development at Tesla for six years, she evangelized the company culture to protect it from being diluted by the rapid growth.

Davies is an advisor to EdTech startups, a lecturer of Talent Development & Human Resources master’s program at IE University, and a keynote speaker at various conferences around the world including the World HR Forum.  She is also a host of the popular Career Curves podcast where she shares the progressive voices in the realm of Human Resources and Learning and Development.

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