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In a world where business goals and social responsibility are largely separated, we invite conscious leaders to tell their stories, share their insights, and inspire business driven by purpose.

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The world of business is facing its biggest shift since the industrial revolution. ​Gone are the days when businesses’ only objective was the pursuit of shareholder value. Businesses today need to navigate not just new technology, emerging consumer trends, and environmental changes, but also repositioning of the purpose of the business itself – a purpose no longer serving just the shareholders, but one that is beneficial for all stakeholders.

On Purpose is a monthly newsletter giving you unique perspectives on purposeful business and leadership from experts. It has been created to give you an opportunity to reflect, understand and develop a greater sense of purpose.

We hope you enjoy it.

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    Meet our columnists

    Sarah Murray

    Journalist, author, speaker and specialist writer on business, society and the environment.

    Sarah has spent more than two decades exploring the relationship of business and finance to society and the environment. She looks at what companies, investors, philanthropists, social innovators and others can do to help fix big global problems—from addressing climate change and making the shift to sustainable food production to increasing access to healthcare and reducing poverty.

    Meet our columnists

    Afdhel Aziz

    Founder and Chief Purpose Officer at Conspiracy of Love, a Certified B-Corp Co-Founder, Good is the New Cool

    Afdhel Aziz is one of the most inspiring voices in the global movement of business as a force for good. He is the Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of Conspiracy of Love, the world’s most inspiring purpose consultancy which advises some of the world’s largest companies like Adidas, Unilever, AB Inbev, Mondelez, Diageo, PepsiCo and more on how their brands can do good and make money. He is also an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker who has been invited to speak at companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Deloitte, Levis, and many others, and has been a featured speaker at the Cannes Lions, Hyper Island, SXSW, Conscious Capitalism, Columbia University, and the Forbes CMO Summit.

    Meet our columnists

    Jessica Nordlander

    Chief Operating Officer, ThoughtExchange

    Jessica Nordlander is a technology executive with an MSc in Applied IT, an XGoogler and was recently named the Most Innovative Leader in one of the most innovative countries in the world (her native Sweden). Prior to her current role as COO of ThoughtExchange, Jessica led impressive change and growth in multinational companies, as Chief Digital Officer for global travel group STS Education; Head of Business Development at Google and Managing Director in Stockholm, Dubai, and Vancouver for SaaS growth wonder Meltwater. Jessica serves on the board of several tech start-ups and contributes as a writer to outlets like and Inc Magazine. She is an influential thought leader and speaker on topics related to leadership and the future of work and has been seen contributing at events like Collision, as well as at academic institutions like Columbia and McMaster University.

    Meet our columnists

    Monika Hamori

    Associate Professor, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour, IE Business School

    Monika Hamori’s research focuses on career paths and career success. Her work was published in Organization Science, the Academy of Management Annals, the Academy of Management Perspectives, Human Resource Management, and the Industrial and Labor Relations Review, among others.

    Meet our columnists

    Joanna Swash

    Group CEO Moneypenny

    Recruited as Moneypenny’s first sales person in 2005 – today, Joanna is Group CEO of an international business that has grown to employ more than 1000 people across continents, turning over £50m in 2020. At the heart of Moneypenny lies a unique culture based on mutual respect and trust. Joanna’s intimate understanding and nurturing of these founding principles has seen the business enjoy recognition as a Best Company to Work For for over a decade. Joanna is a member of Forbes Business Council and, in a nod to her dynamic leadership style and ability to drive transformation within the business communications industry, was recently awarded CEO of the Year by Management Today. Above all else, when it comes to outsourced communications, Joanna believes passionately that businesses of any size should stick to what they do best: “Focus on delivering what you’re really good at – and let experts help take care of the rest.”

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    Purpose is the New Digital: The Business Case for Purpose

    There are three tectonic shifts driving the purpose revolution in business: conscious consumers, activist employees and impact investors. Drawing on his deep personal experience advising Fortune 500 companies via his consultancy Conspiracy of Love, Afdhel Aziz breaks down the mega-trends to show you why purpose is the new digital.

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