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7 Steps to Diagnose and Identify Performance Gaps

How do you solve the age-old challenge of aligning L&D efforts to business strategy? How can you measure and understand the impact that L&D investments have on business performance?

Join us for a virtual talk led to debate these and other questions and understand how to make better informed L&D decisions.

Date: Thurs, Jun 30, 2022 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

Guest Speakers: Malek Adjerad, Director of Learning and Design at Headspring.

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Changing Mindsets in the Manufacturing Sector

Like every sector, the manufacturing industry faced increasing pressure and accelerated change during the pandemic. It has been shaken-up by the seismic shifts in consumer behaviour, global economics and emergent technology. How we live, work, learn, shop and socialise has changed.

Learn how leaders from the manufacturing industry can make the necessary adaptations to build back better for the future of the industry.

Guest Speakers: Mirjam Baijens | Daniel Thomas

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Rana Foroohar on the Future of Work

“Technology is becoming cheaper. Being human is the only thing that cannot be commoditised”

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Mo Gawdat on Artificial Intelligence and Purpose

"Innovation can only be hindered by rules that stop people from being innovative."

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Santiago Iniguez on The Power of People

The IE University President talks on lifelong learning, executive education and the power of teams

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