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We live and breathe learning. All our programmes are 100% customised, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real business needs.

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Why Headspring

Financial Times & IE: Clarity and Credibility

Headspring is the strategic L&D partner for businesses in transformation.

As the joint-venture of Financial Times and IE Business School, we blend journalistic acuity with academic innovation. We have the Financial Times’ seasoned journalists who decipher tomorrow’s trends today, coupled with IE’s world-class faculty who transform these insights into pragmatic leadership skills.

This potent mix means we’re not just responding to the business landscape, but architecting its future.

How we work
Unleashing Leadership Potential

Solve your most complex leadership development challenges

Transform your leadership landscape. Our tailored programmes tackle complex challenges, unleashing potential, driving innovation, and fostering a thriving culture within your organisation.

C-Suite Leadership Development

Develop purpose-driven senior leaders. Enhance industry awareness and clarity, enabling effective navigation of industry challenges.

High Potential & Emerging Leaders

Recognise and cultivate your high-potential leaders, preparing them for future leadership roles and contributing to succession planning.

Enhance Change Management

Equip executives with skills for leading smooth transitions, thereby enhancing adaptability and success in times of change.

Improve Decision-Making

Develop sophisticated decision-making abilities to guide your organisation through complex business environments.

Organisational Innovation & Transformation

Foster a culture of exploration through targeted training that encourages innovative thinking. Leverage digital tools to facilitate a successful digital transition.

Culture and Engagement

Create a strong corporate culture and high levels of employee engagement. Become a learning organisation.

Post-Merger Integration

Ensure a smooth consolidation of operations, cultures, and teams following a merger or acquisition, fostering synergy and value creation.

Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Enhance cultural competence and foster empathy to boost collaboration, innovation, and overall business performance.


Our Experience in Numbers

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business experience and solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do. 



Success stories

Their words, not ours

Hear how some of the world’s most exciting companies tackled their most complex leadership challenges with customised executive programmes. Read more learning & development case studies here.

PwC: The Learning Power of the Financial Times

Understand how FT perspectives strengthened PwC’s client conversations and helped their senior teams to improve business growth results.

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Santander: Enterprise-wide training at scale

How Santander Bank leveraged Headspring's online resources to create large scale solutions to train and keep over 16,000 staff compliant with new regulation.

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Roche: Preparing for the Future of Pharma

Roche worked with Headspring to change mindsets, enhance leadership skills and capabilities to get ready for the future of global informatics.

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Arla Foods: Transformational Executive Learning

Learn how we helped a fast-growing international dairy company to think more creatively and work more collaboratively.

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Our Program Design Principles

Turning Learning Design into Business Impact

Every single leadership development program we create is unique. Yet, each one of them is created based on fundamental principles which underpin our learning designs.

custom learning design

Custom Program Design

We believe executive education is a craft, not a commodity. With each new client, we develop an entirely fresh approach. Together, we ensure your learning journeys meet strategic goals and create value.

journalistic approach ft executive education

Journalistic Approach

Our work starts with understanding, empathizing with, and challenging your assumptions, vision and objectives. For each client, we build a team of learning, impact and customer experience experts - supported by top professors and FT journalists.

business impact of learning programmes

Measurable Business Impact

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the program as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.


How we design learning solutions that drive real transformation

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business experience and solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do.