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How Roche worked with Headspring to change mindsets, enhance leadership skills and capabilities to get ready for the future of global informatics.

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The Challenge

Developing Future-Proof Leadership Capabilities

The pharmaceutical and life sciences sector has encountered multitudes of external and internal pressures over the last years. Sudden increases in demand, pressure to innovate, and supply chain issues are just a few of the challenges that the industry has faced.

Long- and medium-term prospects for the pharmaceutical sector are very turbulent and access to markets is becoming a key obstacle not just for long-term success, but for survival as well.
In this context, many companies are working on new approaches to implement and develop new models, but few have made progress towards a real solution.

At Roche, the same challenges apply. For this programme, the company wanted to develop professionals at its Global Infrastructure & Solutions (GIS) department to overcome some of the challenges the broader sector has faced. The goal was for GIS to improve performance and invent future ways of working.

The Solution

Atenea Programme: Embrancing a New Mindset

Considering the challenges faced by the sector, Roche partnered with Headspring to co-create a completely customised executive learning programme aimed at professionals within the Global Infrastructure & Solutions team. The resulting programme, called Atenea, had the following objectives.


Enabling New Ways of Working

One key objective was to provide participants with frameworks and tools to generate value and to enable them to invent future ways of working that fit with a fast-changing world, disrupted by technology and new business models.

Developing Leadership Skills

Another objective was to facilitate a level of knowledge and development to allow participants to understand where they are and the skills they need to develop in the short and long term, with special emphasis on the competencies related to innovation thinking, persuasion and influence, and global vision of the business.

Adopting an Innovative Mindset

The programme's third objective was to provide participants with essential capabilities to design innovative and disruptive solutions based on a deeper understanding of consumer needs and implement sustainable solutions to lead the future.
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The Learner Experience

Blended Learning Methodologies

The Atenea Programme adopted a wide variety of learning methodologies.

As well as providing blended and hybrid learning, the programme focused on experiential learning by engaging participants on practical tasks and challenges specific to Roche.

Both content and methodologies were designed to meet specific learning objectives defined by Roche. The flexibility in methodologies contributed to a more effective hands-on learning experience, with real business impact.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching & Mentorship

To create maximum impact and ensure learning was transferred back into the workplace, coaching and mentorship were key parts of the programme. Participants acquired coaching skills and were also supported by mentors throughout the programme.

Face-to-Face Sessions

The face-to-face elements of the programme were designed to inspire. The sessions brought together individuals, who shared a common understanding of what it means to be a leader at Roche and the challenges attached.

Online Sessions

The online campus was a point of reference for a range of learning activities. Online sessions allowed the programme to gain a global perspective by bringing together experts from around the world.

Transformational Business Project

Leaders need to be able to move away from analysis and develop an innovative and agile mindset. The Transformational Business Projects enabled the participants to develop a hypothesis and then try it out in the workplace. While being supported by external tutors and internal mentors.

Roche-Led Sessions

No one understands the challenges of Roche as much as those who work in the business. The Roche-led sessions were designed to give the newly emerging leaders insights and knowledge into the basic requirements of people leadership roles directly from senior Roche leaders.

Multimedia Resources

A wealth of multimedia resources were used, including interactive business cases with animated charts, practical tasks, audio, and video. Each part was designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the essential elements of business and formed the basis for discussion during both online and face-to-face sessions.
The Impact

Enhanced Leadership & Interpersonal Competencies

Participants of this programme walked away with new perspectives and learnings that they can easily apply to their line of work. This helped participants understanding obstacles from a new perspective, challenge the status quo and find new ways to innovate and create value.

Enhanced sense of purpose and curiosity

Developing leadership skills and interpersonal competencies as a team member was one of the objectives of the programme. An unexpected byproduct of this was a developed sense of curiosity. Participants have had greater exposure to other areas of the organization, adding a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Stronger interpersonal relationships

Participants remarked that they had created connections and bonds during the programme that lasts over time. They’ve collaborated closely and shared experiences.
The deep collaboration and ongoing dialogue between Headspring and Roche’s leaders has been critical to the creation and success of the Learning Experience. Raquel Velazquez, Talent Innovation & Leadership Partner. Roche Farma SA
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Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to connect with our corporate partnerships team. We will diagnose your needs and set a clear goal for your program.


The second and most important step is to design a program that meets you business objectives and strategy in the short and long terms.

Bring to life

The third step is when we bring your program to life. Our team will be ready to ensure the plan is followed through and that objectives are met.

Measure impact

After the program, we will continue working with you to help you measure the results and the impact in your business.

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