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How BBVA nurtured a culture of innovation through Momentum, a unique program of training, mentorship, strategic support, networking opportunities, and access to funding for social entrepreneurs.

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The Challenge

Creating an Ecosystem of Social Innovation

Environmental, social and governance issues have been climbing the banking agenda for many years. The very real pressures of dealing with new competitors as well as the challenges of climate change, diversity and digital transformation force banks to innovate and look for solutions outside the traditional boundaries of the industry.

Finding ways not only to be sustainable but to contribute to society in meaningful ways is still challenging. Most want to give back, and to include stakeholders in doing good, but how do you ensure you leverage your own expertise to maximize the value for the community? To meet some of these objectives, BBVA partnered with Headspring to build a program to upskill and support social entrepreneurs.

Our new wave of entrepreneurs are using their businesses to tackle some of the most challenging issues in our society.
Reymundo Ocañas, Director of Communications & Corporate Responsibility, BBVA USA

The Solution

A Program for Social Entrepreneurs

To build an ecosystem of innovation and social responsibility, the bank created Momentum and enlisted  Headspring as one of the key learning and academic partners to bring it to life.

Headspring worked with BBVA to develop and coordinate content and methodologies with local providers and professors and ensured they maintained quality standards throughout the program.

Entrepreneurs interested in joining the programme applied online, and would then be invited to pitch for a panel made up of the bank’s leadership team, community partners and academic experts. Following a demanding selection process, BBVA Momentum participants went through a highly intensive training programme spanning five months.

The Impact

A Global Program

All participants reported how this program have helped them grow their business. More specifically in topics related to scalability, internal management, impact, visibility, and marketing.

BBVA awarded prizes to participants enterprises that had the highest social impact, in addition to being eligible for further investment opportunities to grow ideas developed during the program.

Many of the companies whose leaders went through the Momentum program are today scaled international companies with significant business voluems.

Social entrepreneur Michelle Corson from On the Road Lending, was the top prizewinner for BBVA Momentum in 2018.

The Impact

Business Leaders with a New Mindset

Working with Headspring and a community of academic experts and mentors, BBVA has managed to build a truly global community of innovators and social entrepreneurs around its business. The bank has positioned itself as a leading innovative branding making a big social impact in the markets where it operates.

With the collaboration of 477 BBVA mentors and specialists, BBVA Momentum has supported 784 social impact companies in Spain, Colombia, United States, Peru, Turkey and Mexico.

At a global level, there were almost 1,000 entrepreneurs participating in BBVA Momentum 2019. During 2020, 100 entrepreneurs have been supported in Mexico.


By employing practical and relevant content, and with the involvement of leading academics and business experts as mentors, BBVA Momentum has grown in scope significantly. We help BBVA by providing access to some of the world’s leading professors and academic content. Iñaki Barrutia, Business Development Director at Headspring
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Next Steps

How we will work with you

Co-creation is one of the key principles of the Headspring approach. We don’t assume we have the answers – instead, we work with our clients to create and deliver a solution that meets its main goals and objectives. As part of this process, the next steps will include:


The first step is to connect with our corporate partnerships team. We will diagnose your needs and set a clear goal for your program.


The second and most important step is to design a program that meets you business objectives and strategy in the short and long terms.

Bring to life

The third step is when we bring your program to life. Our team will be ready to ensure the plan is followed through and that objectives are met.

Measure impact

After the program, we will continue working with you to help you measure the results and the impact in your business.

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