We offer our programs and solutions globally, delivering them in over 10 languages to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team’s expertise goes beyond subject matter knowledge, as we also emphasize cultural sensitivity in every project we undertake.

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Outside-in approach

Inspiring a global conscience

In today’s interconnected world, the issues that businesses face are no longer limited to their local or national boundaries. They often originate from global factors and have far-reaching consequences.

Supply chain disruptions caused by a natural disaster in one part of the world can affect businesses across multiple industries and regions. Similarly, climate change, global economic trends, geopolitical instability, and social movements can have a significant impact on businesses, regardless of their location.

Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to have a global perspective and take into account the broader context in which they operate to effectively address these challenges.

Global footprint

We are wherever you are

Our global presence gives our clients access to a wealth of cross-cultural knowledge, expertise in navigating complex business structures, and the ability to provide tailored learning solutions that address local and global challenges.


As the home of the Financial Times and IE Business School, we support some of Europe’s most important companies in their transformation challenges.

Middle East & Africa

We have an increasing presence in the Middle East and Africa, helping organisations in the region to transform their operations and adapt to change.

Latin America

We have a growing portfolio of clients in Latin America and we are helping them to evolve and become more integrated with the global markets.


By working in partnership with Nikkei, one of Asia’s most respective household names, we support Asian companies meet the challenges of 21st century.

Regional Focus

UK and Ireland: Navigating change in the global stage

The UK is undergoing a period of significant change, with business leaders facing challenges such as Brexit, talent shortages, and digital transformation.

At Headspring, we help our clients not only adapt to but also drive change by making sense of these trends.

Our partnership with Financial Times journalists and world-class professors allows us to provide tailored solutions for navigating these shifts and translating them into applicable skills and mindsets.

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Regional Focus

Iberia: Evolving to meet 21st century challenges

Economic uncertainty, shifting demographics, digital transformation, and changing regulatory landscapes are just some of the obstacles that companies in Spain and Portugal must contend with.

With the rise of new technologies and business models, companies must embrace innovation and adapt to new ways of working to stay competitive. As Spain and Portugal continue to recover from the pandemic, investing in human capital, technology, and innovation will be critical for businesses to remain agile and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Through our innovative approach to learning and development, we help businesses in Iberia build the skills and mindsets needed to succeed in the 21st century.

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Regional Focus

DACH: Driving innovation in the economic engine of Europe

Industries across Germany and the wider DACH region are facing significant challenges due to ongoing trade disputes and the global pandemic.

Many businesses in the manufacturing sector are struggling to navigate through supply chain disruptions, shortages of raw materials and increasing costs. The pharma industry is also facing pressure from the need for innovation and rising demand for personalized medicine, while keeping up with regulatory compliance and patent issues. The financial services sector is grappling with increasing competition from fintech disruptors and pressure to adopt new technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to improve efficiency and customer experience.

To stay competitive, businesses in these sectors need to invest in digital transformation, innovation, and talent development to address these challenges and position themselves for future growth.

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Regional Focus

Middle East & Africa: Building economic diversification

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is experiencing a profound transformation as it shifts from a resource-dependent to a knowledge-based economy.

With a projected population doubling within the next 30 years, investing in human capital and leveraging the potential of a younger, educated generation can enhance prospects for diversified economic growth.

As the region pursues long-term objectives such as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Kuwait’s digital economy plans, significant investment in innovation and economic diversification is underway. Investment in management training and lifelong learning is key to unlocking the potential of professionals and organizations, as millennials and Gen Z professionals progress to senior executive positions.

With visionary leadership paving the way for change and ambitious investments in sustainability and innovative urbanization through landmark projects, the future in the region looks more promising than ever.

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