We work globally to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As well as expertise, we emphasise cultural sensitivity in every project we undertake.

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A Global Company

We deliver learning programmes and consulting across the globe.

We operate internationally with main offices in London and Madrid. We have a dedicated team that is based in and serves regions including French and German-speaking areas, the Netherlands, the Nordics, the Middle EastLatin America, and Japan.

Together with our worldwide alliance of business school partners, and the international reach of the Financial Times, we offer a truly global service with customised learning solutions to address both local and global challenges.


As the home of the Financial Times and IE Business School, we support some of Europe’s most important companies in their transformation challenges.

Middle East & Africa

We have an increasing presence in the Middle East and Africa, helping organisations in the region to transform their operations and adapt to change.

Latin America

We have a growing portfolio of clients in Latin America and we are helping them to evolve and become more integrated with the global markets.


By working in partnership with Nikkei, one of Asia’s most respective household names, we support Asian companies meet the challenges of 21st century.

Regional Focus

UK and Ireland

Navigating the UK’s current business landscape presents issues like the aftermath of Brexit, the cost of living, talent shortages, and the evolution of digital transformation.

At Headspring, we empower you to not only adapt but also to pioneer through these shifts. With our exclusive partnership with Financial Times journalists and renowned professors, we offer tailored solutions, arming you with the actionable skills and mindsets to transform these situations into opportunities.

Regional Focus


In today’s rapidly changing landscape, businesses in Spain and Portugal face challenges from economic uncertainty, evolving demographics, digital shifts, and fluctuating regulations. Embracing new technologies and business models is no longer a choice but a necessity for staying ahead.

Our tailored learning and development strategies empower your business with the essential skills and mindsets for 21st-century success.

Regional Focus


Across the DACH region, organisations confront multiple challenges, both general and sector-specific. Manufacturing contends with supply disruptions and escalating costs; pharma juggles innovation against regulatory constraints; and financial services ward off fintech disruptors while integrating the latest technologies.

With our expertise, we’ll steer you through these challenges, ensuring your organisation is on a trajectory for growth.

Regional Focus

Middle East & Africa

With the population set to double in 30 years, tapping into the young, educated generation can boost diverse economic growth. As the region aligns with goals like Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Kuwait’s digital plans, there’s a surge in investment for innovation and diversification. Training and continuous learning are vital as younger professionals rise to leadership roles. With forward-thinking leadership and investments in the region, the future is brighter than ever.