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With the expertise of the Financial Times and innovation of IE Business School, we help clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland develop talent, and translate trends into transformative skills.

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DACH Economic Outlook

Navigating change in the DACH region

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are key to the European economy. Yet, businesses in the region are facing significant pressures.

Talent retention and development can be a challenge for businesses in Europe. Countries in the DACH region, in particular, are faced with an aging population, declining birth rates and unfavourable immigration policies which could lead to a talent drought in the near future.

Competition is also high. The DACH region is home to financial, manufacturing, auto and pharma champions, but uncertainty caused by geopolitical and economic pressures has forced businesses to review internal policies and hold back on forward-looking investments.

Yet, as a hub of innovation and one of the most progressive areas of Europe, companies in the DACH region are highly committed to the ESG agenda and are making strong solid progress in achieving higher sustainability standards.

At Headspring, we work with some of the largest companies in Central Europe and the DACH region to help them navigate and adapt to change. By combining the expertise of Financial Times journalists and world-class professors, we help our clients translate the big shifts impacting their industries into applicable skills and mindsets to drive transformation.

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How we help our clients

Empowering businesses to handle complexity

Businesses in the DACH region today face complex issues that can’t be solved by generic solutions. We work with clients to deliver tailored solutions to help them adapt and thrive in change.

Custom Programs

Customisation is our core expertise. Our approach is adaptable, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real business needs. If you have a complex structure with multiple learning needs, this might be right for you.

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Enterprise Programmes

Don’t settle for traditional programmes. Outpace the speed of change with enterprise-wide, custom learning solutions. Drive transformation, at scale.

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Bespoke L&D Consulting

Make better-informed L&D decisions. Our bespoke consulting services are designed to help you evolve your L&D operations and integrate learning into your business strategy.

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Our client stories

Their words, not ours.

Hear what our clients have to say about the experience of working with Headspring and, most importantly, the results from their programmes.

Roche: Getting ready for the future

How Roche worked with Headspring to change mindsets, enhance leadership skills and capabilities to get ready for the future of global informatics.

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Factory interior and futuristic machines

Aptar: Setting the future of manufacturing

How Aptar partnered with Headspring to gain an outside-in perspective and prepare for the future of consumer goods manufacturing.

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Our Team

Our Team: Excellence in Programme Design and Delivery

Our people embody our global approach. We build diverse, multidisciplinary teams around our clients to provide unique experiences that create value.

Meike Gil Román

Corporate Partnerships Director, Continental Europe
Meike has over 20 years of cross-cultural work experience in corporate learning, management consulting, business development, and live communication. She is experienced in designing corporate learning programmes with an emphasis on holistic strategic planning. Meike has a comprehensive knowledge of businesses management and is particularly passionate about change and culture.

Malek Adjerad

Global Head of Learning & Innovation
Malek is an L&D leader who, after nearly two decades leading the learning and development function of global organisations such as Thomson Reuters, UBS, and AXA, moved to Headspring to lead our learning and innovation team. He works with our clients to co-create impactful learning solutions. He lives and breathes culture, learning, and innovation and is an inspirational leader at Headspring. As a CIPD certified professional Malek brings a wealth of expertise to our solutions.

Alki Antonopoulou

Learning Design Manager
Alki has a passion for designing transformative learning journeys with a particular focus on the learner experience. She works with clients to understand their needs and challenges and ensure they can evaluate ROI using effective evaluation and feedback methods. She has 10 years experience in the field and holds an M.A. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.
Featured Insights

One future. Multiple paths

Insights from the FT into the key topics impacting the region – from tech transformation to the businesses helping to build a sustainable future.

FT Special Report: Investing in Austria

There are signs that businesses in Austria can weather the storms of the energy crisis and a European downturn. Plus: climate change forces a rethink on skiing; why global chipmakers depend on Austria; government rolls out green tax and investment measures; Raiffeissen Ware’s CEO on how to make the Danube work.

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FT Series: Tech Champions

The Financial Times invited readers to name European companies using new technology to meet the business challenges of 2022 — from the Ukraine conflict to the energy and climate crises. Here are the shortlisted businesses, and this year’s winners.

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