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Empower leaders with unparalleled insights from Financial Times journalists, designed to help you navigate change and retain competitive advantage.

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Why FT Executive Briefings?

The FT Advantage

Our bespoke FT Executive Briefings are bite-sized L&D programmes that provide critical thinking skills, comprehensive insights, and an unbiased perspective necessary to navigate today’s complexities.

Industry Insight

Unbiased industry analysis from top FT journalists.

experiential learning

Critical Thinking

Understand your business in a broader context.

applicable learning

Clarity to Lead

Foster honest debate among senior leaders.

learning on demand


90-120 minutes live sessions, delivered face-to-face or online


Up to 450 participants. Ideal for middle-managers, senior leaders & C-Suite.


With an NPS of 95.2, our programmes deliver impact and transformation.



Without fear and without favour: What the FT brings

Being close to the source, questioning assumptions, and knowing the facts before they become news, the FT helps leaders worldwide to stay one step ahead. Journalists understand the macro trends and the micro details that can give businesses a critical edge. FT Contributing Editor Michael Skapinker explains:






Meet the minds

Leadership Insights & Unbiased Industry Perspective

As important as understanding your organisation it is to understand the dynamics and critical forces in your industry. The FT has some of the world’s most well-connected industry correspondents who can offer unique insight into your sector.

Andrew Hill

Leading Through Transformation
Senior Business Writer Andrew Hill explores how businesses navigate market disruptions and the studies the leaders who guide them.
Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf, CBE

Future of the Economy
Chief Economics Correspondent Martin Wolf CEB examines the global economic outlook and the implications for trade and investment.

Silvia Pavoni

Governance & C-Suite Trust
Silvia Pavoni, Editor-in-Chief of The Banker magazine, shares lessons on building and maintaining trust at the highest levels.

Gideon Rachman

Navigating Geopolitics
Chief Foreign Affairs Corrrespondent Gideon Rachman analyses geopolitics, global alliances and emerging economic forces.

Pilita Clark

Aligning Purpose and Profit
Associate Editor & Business Columnist Pilita Clark discusses the balance between shareholder value and broader societal goals.
Madhumita Murgia

Madhumita Murgia

Digital Acceleration
The FT's Artificial Intelligence Editor Madhumita Murgia explores AI developments and the implications for business and society.

Chris Giles

Financial Services
Chris Giles, Economics Commentator, examines macro trends, the future of financial services and market dynamics.

Arash Massoudi

Professional Services
Arash Massoudi, Finance and Markets Editor, explores the evolving landscape of professional & financial services and market trends.

Sarah Neville

Pharma & Biotech
Global Health Editor Sarah Neville provides insights into the latest developments and future directions in pharma and biotech.

John Thornhill

Technology & Startups
Innovation EditorJohn Thornhill discusses cutting-edge innovations and their implications for the tech industry.

David Sheppard

Energy & Environment
Energy Editor David Sheppard delves into the future of energy, focusing on sustainable solutions and the impact of ESG policies on markets.

Jonathan Eley

Retail & Consumer Goods
Jonathan Eley, Retail Correspondent, offers an in-depth look at the retail landscape, examining consumer trends and the impact of AI and digital.
Client Stories

How PwC leverages FT insight to strenghten client relations

PwC’s leaders recognise the critical need to stay relevant. They count on FT expertise to equip senior teams and partners with valuable insights, enhancing their client conversations. Our collaboration resulted in a perfectly tailored learning solution.



FT Executive Briefings: Addressing Ethical Dilemmas

Making ethical decisions isn’t always black and white. In collaboration with global law firm Clifford Chance, we co-designed a programme to facilitate discussions on making the right decisions and finding the courage to act on them.