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Learning and development sit at the core of Headspring. We believe that every business has the potential to make a positive impact – this begins by elevating people in the business through learning and development.

Discover our L&D insights below.

L&D at Headspring

The Core of Headspring

We take a different approach to L&D.

Every business is unique. We believe that to make an actual impact through learning and development initiatives, you need tailored solutions. We listen and collaborate with our clients to understand their challenges in-depth.

We’re also fiercely passionate about learning. Below, we share our insights in form of articles, reports, webinars, and podcasts on all-things Learning & Development.

Our Learning Solutions

Discover our Learning Solutions

Whether you’re after custom solutions, pre-designed solutions, or L&D consulting – we have what you’re looking for.

custom learning solutions

Custom Solutions

Do you need a learning partner throughout your learning and development journey? We work with you to assess your organisation in-depth. Your business needs will lay the foundation to address any needs that an L&D programme could solve. Our approach is 100% adaptable.

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Pre-Designed Solutions

We worked with our clients to develop a range of pre-designed solutions aimed at solving some of the most complex business challenges. If you already know your learning needs, these might be right for you.

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Learning & Development Consultancy Solution

Whether you are starting to build the foundations of your learning and development operations, or whether you are trying to inject more innovation into your corporate learning programmes, our Headspring X solutions can help you.

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The science of learning in business

Metacognition at Work

What happens when we learn? And how does stress affect the process?

It’s hard to recall a time when senior executives had to rethink so many long-standing assumptions.

Facing challenges such as digital transformation, AI, demographics, changing working cultures, new geopolitical risks, and much more, today’s decision-makers need to be continually learning and relearning as efficiently as possible to survive and thrive.

In our Metacognition at Work report, we learn about the science behind… learning.


Learning & Development

The world of learning and development is changing fast. Here, we have collated our latest insights and thought leadership – helping you to stay abreast in the increasingly complex world of L&D.


Generative AI: Are we Seeing the Future of Corporate L&D?

ChatGPT is making headlines. Whether extolling its virtues, exposing its limitations or ringing the death knell for knowledge-based professions, journalists appear endlessly fascinated by a digital development that’s provoking unsettling – and, often, existential – conversations about the long-term impact...

Learning Rewired Podcast

How People Learn with Nick Shackleton-Jones

Have you ever stared at a piece of art, shared your thoughts with a fellow observer afterward, only to realise that they interpreted it in a different way?

It turns out that our personal reaction to sensory input dictates what we remember. This is why people, despite going on a shared experience, might decode, and remember, things differently.

In this podcast episode, we discuss this, and much more, with Nick Shackleton-Jones.



Learning Rewired

Listen in as we speak with industry leaders and experts about all-things leadership and learning. We dive into expertise, trends, personal experiences, and topics that are shaping the tomorrow of work.




L&D Knowledge on Demand

Webinars with insights for HR and Learning & Development (L&D) professionals. Fresh content on corporate learning for business leaders and decision-makers.


Our Programmes

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