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Learn practical tips to apply immediately to improve your daily working practice, and discover research insights into why collaboration matters and how it’s best achieved in day-to-day life.

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What you will learn

Effective Collaboration in an Era of Digital Hypergrowth

Effective collaboration is critical to sustainable innovation and business agility, but it is not always easy to achieve.

Individuals, teams and organisations need to combine technical skills with intrapersonal capabilities and interpersonal dynamics to deliver high performance.

The last few months have taught us that working together digitally presents benefits and challenges, most of which will be magnified as we move deeper into the age of virtual work.

In this interactive Virtual Masterclass we will explore the meaning of collaboration and how we can expect it to evolve in digital work environments. We will investigate how we can use three core ingredients to foster a collaborative work culture: Purpose, Trust and Inclusion.

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Britta Posner, founder and director at The Collaboration Practice
Meet our Guest

Britta Posner

Britta Posner is the founder and director at The Collaboration Practice, an organisational development consultancy.

Britta Posner and her international team of experienced consultants work with a plethora of organisation in the areas of executive development, leadership, high-performance teams, collaborative culture, purpose work, and employee value proposition. Over the past few years, The Collaboration Practice has been able to count internationally renowned organisations such as Duke Corporate Education, Deutsche Telekom, AstraZeneca, Silverton Asset Solutions and Young & Rubicam to its clients.

Following her education in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge and previous to founding The Collaboration Practice in 2014, Britta enjoyed a long-lasting, vibrant career in advertising working globally based out of London and Berlin. Her clients included accounts such as MasterCard, Nescafé, Electrolux Group and Accenture.

Britta is a lecturer at the design akademie berlin, a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (MIPA) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a degree from the University of Cambridge.

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Marieluise Maiwald, Learning and Development consultant, Headspring Faculty Member and Coach
Meet our Guest

Marieluise Maiwald

Marieluise Maiwald is an internationally-experienced learning and development consultant, Headspring Faculty Member and Coach.

Born and raised in Germany, Marieluise has lived, worked, and studied in the US, the UK, France, and Switzerland, which definitely built her resilience and adaptability.

Her career included in-house roles with Google and Novartis as well as external roles with Columbia Business School, Headspring and Duke Corporate Education. Her experience encompasses a wide variety of sectors spanning from pharmaceuticals to technology, manufacturing, FMCGs, aerospace and telecommunications.

Marieluise is also a highly effective, internationally-experienced leadership consultant, coach and educator well-known for her strengths in the design and delivery of creative, virtual and experiential learning interventions as well as large scale programmes with a focus on the delivery of leadership and innovation topics.

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In this Episode

What are the impacts of collaboration in the organisation? When people know why they're doing what they're doing, they really care and feel that they're in. Working in an environment where they can give their best, they can collaborate to the best benefit of the end result. That's how they drive engagement. If that's the case, and they actively feel they contribute to the overall, they also have much-reduced stress, because the eyes on the ball, the eyes on the result, it's about innovation and productivity and less about maybe political hurdles. Everything else that might come with it.
How should the way we collaborate adapt to the digital world? Collaboration is more important now than ever before because everything is much faster now. Digitization has sped up everything, has compressed time, has brought everything closer. Make sure that you collaborate and take the time. Make sure you really connect with the people and take the time to talk about things like purpose. (...) The new normal is about collaboration, virtual work, and trust and purpose. We will see more of that because otherwise, we can't work together.
Collaboration without self-awareness does not work. Britta Posner
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