How we design learning solutions that drive real transformation

Our work starts with a genuine desire to understand the global context surrounding your business. An inquisitive mindset – combined with real business experience and solid academic methodology – underpins everything we do. 



Our Design Approach

How we design for business impact

Every single leadership development program we create is unique. Yet, each one of them is created based on fundamental principles which underpin our learning designs.

custom learning design

No compromise on customisation

We believe executive education is a craft, not a commodity. With each new client, we develop an entirely fresh approach. Together, we ensure your learning journeys meet strategic goals and create value.

journalistic approach ft executive education

Outside-in Perspective

Our work starts with understanding and challenging your assumptions, vision and objectives. For each client, we build a team of learning, impact and customer experience experts - supported by top professors and FT journalists.

business impact of learning programmes

Measurable Business Impact

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the program as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.


How we go deeper: Our diagnostics methodology

Performance gaps and learning needs are often the symptoms of problems that are often difficult to identify. Our 7-step methodology was designed to help you go deeper and make better informed decisions.



virtual reality learning
Leveraging learning technology

How we make learning technology work

Technology has always been a catalyst for learning. It’s not just about the type of technology we adopt but how we enhance learning outcomes and inspire a culture of continuous development.

From virtual reality to online modules, we create scalable solutions that improve team collaboration, allowing your leaders to make better decisions.

In-depth assessment

Your business has unique needs. We work closely with clients to define real needs and map out the key components of the programme.

Bespoke design

We are serious about customisation. We listen, learn and then create something that’s completely tailored to your business and to your people.

Effective delivery

Large or small groups. Local or global delivery. Our programmes are flexible and scalable. We take care of everything to let you focus on what is important.


Inquisitive by nature: what FT journalists bring to our clients

The highly influential FT journalists that deliver our programmes offer not only a unique perspective on the events that shape the world of business, but also bring an approach that shapes the way we work with our clients.



Our approach

How we will work with you

The needs of every business are unique. We apply all the experience that we have accumulated over the years to create a flexible service that works for you.

FT & IE: A true partnership

We are collaborative from birth: Headspring is a joint-venture between IE Business School, the creator of the world’s #1 online MBA, and the Finacial Times, one of the world’s most reputable media companies.

We have real world experience

Unlike traditional consultancies, we come with the practical experience from designing and delivering impactful L&D programmes to hundreds of clients globally.

We ask insightful questions

We leverage the journalistic approach that we inherit from the Financial Times to ask you insightful questions to help you diagnose and address deep-rooted business challenges.

We will co-create

We actively engage our clients in all our projects. We do that because nobody knows your business as well as you do. We will bring our expertise, but we will ensure we build on your internal expertise.