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Learn how leaders can manage and develop people through high-impact conversations, that lead to transformative results.

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What you will learn

Lead your teams with high-impact conversations

The quality of your leadership depends on the quality of your conversations.

But, in the last decade, the tendency to replace face-to-face conversations with written messages has become a habit that often damages relationships and creates communication overload and inefficiency in organisations.

This session presents a framework to design high-impact conversations that may help us to tackle our pending conversations when the lockdown is over.

Join us for a virtual talk led by Álvaro González Alorda, Headspring Associate Professor and author of Head, Heart and Hands, and The Talking Manager to debate these and other questions and understand how to lead people through conversations.

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Álvaro González Alorda, Associate Professor at Headspring, Managing Partner of emergap,
Meet our Guest

Álvaro González Alorda

Álvaro González Alorda is Associate Professor at Headspring and Managing Partner of emergap, a consulting firm specialized in transformation management. He has collaborated with more than 100 companies in 30 countries.

Álvaro is also a visiting professor at ESE (Chile), IAE (Argentina), IEEM (Uruguay), INALDE (Colombia), among other business schools. He is also a guest speaker at IESE Business School (USA). In addition to his consulting activity and his lecturing, Álvaro’s expertise in the industry is recognised worldwide and he is an international speaker of countless keynotes that have entertained and engaged thousands around the world including multiple presences in TED

Álvaro studied at the University of Navarra (FCOM’96) and at IESE Business School (PDD’06) and completed a period of research at Harvard Business School (2007).

He is also the author of multiple books: Los próximos 30 años (2010), The Talking Manager (2011) and Head, Heart and Hands (2020).

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In this Episode

How can we best replicate face-to-face conversation at this time when we are all working remotely and overwhelmed with screen time? We have here a wonderful tool to have a conversation where you can read my face and you can read my emotions, and I will be able to read yours if you were connected with your camera at home. I've always been very much inclined to have face-to-face meetings in the real world. But then I'm realizing that you can connect in a very meaningful way with people if you make the effort to be present, to be here, to be with you in it.
How would the "Conversation as a Transformative Tool" be delivered in the program at Headspring? This is a very important part of the transformation and development program of Headspring. The conversation is the most powerful tool that we have at hand to contribute to the transformation of other people. (We use) conversation as a transformation tool by helping people grow to develop their talents and their capacities. (...) We really take very much effort and enthusiasm in trying to contribute to really help you to apply this in your real life, in your personal life, and in your professional life.
The quality of your leadership depends very much on the quality of your conversations. Álvaro González Alorda
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