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Conscious leadership must start with the self. Learn about authentic leadership, leading in alignment with your beliefs, and creating better habits.

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Learning Rewired Season 2

#04 Conscious Leadership with Marika Messager

Thiago Kiwi speaks with Marika Messager and explore key issues related to conscious leadership, including:

  • How to lead in alignment with your beliefs.
  • How to create better habits.
  • The old versus the new paradigm of leadership.
Meet our Guest

Marika Messager

Marika Messager is a Conscious Leader, consultant and change architect unlocking the genius in the most successful business leaders in the UK and internationally, elevating individuals, businesses and the global community into a new paradigm of positive and purposeful impact.

Marika combines strategic thinking and business awareness with spiritual and emotional intelligence. She brings her solid business experience as a lauded corporate leader in the financial markets, where she was recognised as one of the industry’s most successful equity sales professionals. Making it to the 7-figure annual compensation at the age of 31 – the year she gave birth to her son – by the age of 33, Marika was appointed as one of the youngest female sales managers with 40 people across Europe under her supervision. Her success led her to realise what was missing from her own career and the corporate world: Conscious Leadership.

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In this Episode...

How is conscious leadership different from a more traditional leadership style? So, the old paradigm of leadership is based on competition, domination, and ego. And the measurables of success are money and power. The new paradigm of conscious leadership, is based on collaboration on co-creation and compassion. And success is based on three pillars that stand at the same level: we have financial success, inner peace, and making a contribution.
Have you noticed any particular change since the pandemic in terms of the problems that people come to you with? Has anything stood out to you? So I can see that people are more and more longing to do something that means something to them. This longing for meaning has really increased over the past two years. People are not really willing to find themselves into situations or, you know, work environments that are not.

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