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It's time to make better-informed L&D decisions. Headspring X is a new suite of bespoke consulting services designed to help you evolve your L&D operations and integrate learning as part of your strategy.

Why Headspring X?

Close the gap between L&D and strategy

How do you solve the age-old challenge of aligning L&D efforts to business strategy? How can you measure and understand the impact that L&D investments have on business performance?​

With those questions in mind, we embarked on a mission to develop a suite of consulting solutions to help our clients transform their L&D practice: from siloed operations to a fully integrated, performance-driven approach. ​

We offer bespoke, unbiased strategic advice as well as custom program design and diagnostic tools. ​ 

We know the transformative power of training programmes. ​

But we also know that they don't work in isolation. ​

Welcome to Headspring X. ​

Make learning your strategy.​

Your Challenges

What are you looking for?


"I need to collect data and understand the learning gaps in my business to make the right investments."


"I need to inject innovation and creative ideas into my learning strategy and operations."


Bespoke L&D consulting

"I need bespoke advice and unbiased  strategic consulting support in my L&D department"

Not ready to decide yet?

Our solutions

You bring the problems.
We bring the ideas.

Our new strategic learning consulting services have been developed to give organisations the building blocks to create a learning culture. We specialise in three core areas:

Learning Needs Diagnosis

Bespoke Learning Consulting

Custom Programme Design

Need a boost of creativity in your next L&D programme?  Our team of learning designers will work with you to co-create a completely tailored learning journey designed to help your teams achieve you business objectives.

Need bespoke advice? Our L&D consultants can offer unbiased strategic advice to help you solve your L&D challenges. From simple assignments to complex projects, we can support you all the way.

Looking for an external perspective on your teams? We developed a 7-step methodology to help you map the learning and performance gaps in your business so you can make better-informed investments.

You are in charge

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I am ready to speak with someone to discuss my challenges and explore solutions.

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Our Consulting Services

Whether you are starting to build the foundations of your learning and development operations, or whether you are trying to inject more innovation into your corporate learning programmes, we have the right solution for you. 

Make better decisions

Learning Needs Diagnosis

Make better-informed L&D decisions with reliable data, insightful research, and a powerful methodology.

Performance gaps are often just a symptom of a much deep-rooted problem. Learning solutions that focus on the symptoms fail to cure the real cause. That's why we go deeper. We apply a 7-step methodology to uncover the real causes of your performance challenges and make specific recommendations so you can effectively address them.

By the time we are done, you will be ready to make decisions on how to invest and get the best return on your L&D budget.

What is included?

A 7-step approach with In-depth interviews with key stakeholders and data collection  to understand where your business is.

In-depth data analysis and a detailed report on the current skill gaps within the groups analysed  with full data brekdown.

Unbiased recommendations on how to address identified learning needs, including specific suggestions of resources, tools and internal initiatives.

Inject innovation in L&D

Custom Programme Design

The needs of every business are unique. Most often than not, executive training programmes developed by traditional business schools don’t have the flexibility to address your real needs. Yes, we know how painful that is and that's why we are different.

We apply all the experience that we have accumulated over the years of working with our clients to design a fully customised executive learning programme and co-create the right solution for your business.

See what a design session looks like >>

What is included?

A co-created, fully-customised learning journey design, taking into consideration everything that has been learned during the discovery stage. 

A collaborative ‘Design Jam’,  bringing together key stakeholders and external experts to develop the details, identify the resources and ensure the programme design is fit for purpose.

An unbiased roadmap on how to bring the design to life through in-house or external resources and how to measure its impact, including advice on technology and faculty.

Unbiased advice for all your L&D challenges

Bespoke Learning Consulting

Access our team of world-class consultants to support your strategic and tactical L&D initiatives.

As the world of business is shaken by uncertainty and disruption, the pressure on L&D in leaders to support their teams has been the highest we’ve seen. But learning doesn’t happen in isolation. Delivering learning programmes without having a clear strategy is a mistake that happens more often than it should.

From major strategic initiatives to specific training consulting, we can be on your side as a sounding board, offering bespoke, unbiased advice. Our consultants can support you on anything from small assignments to complex projects. 

What is included?

A fully bespoke consulting package based on your specific needs.

Access to a network of global L&D experts to support you all the way.

A sounding board to assist you with strategic L&D projects.

How we will work with you 

Stop!There are a few things you should know about us.

We are nothing like your usual learning and development provider. 

1. We believe in collaboration

We don't do anything alone. In fact, we are collaborative from birth: Headspring is a joint-venture between the creator of the world’s #1 online MBA and one of the world’s most reputable newspapers.

2. We believe in co-creation

Don't expect to sit down while we get on with the job. We actively engage our clients in all our projects. We do that because we believe nobody knows your business as well as you do. We will bring all our expertise, but your active participation is key.

3. We ask difficult questions

Not only that, but we will challenge you and your assumptions. It can get quite uncomfortable, but our goal is to truly open your mind to everything that is possible. We call this our "journalistic approach", which we inherit from the Financial Times' fiercely independent reporting style.

4. We'll keep a tab on you

We are working in this business long enough to know that, when it comes to learning, not everything can be measured. However, we will help you measure what you can and ensure you get value for your money. We won't forget you after the end of our assignment - you will hear from us. A lot!

You are still in charge

What do you want to do now?

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I need to review the information about your services and who you are before I take the next step.

I am ready to speak with someone to discuss my challenges and explore solutions.

I want to receive some material about how you work to read in my own time so I can decide for myself.

Our clients

Trusted by 100s of Industry Leaders

We aim for long term collaboration. These are some of the clients that we have been working with.

Our consulting services

Ok, let's recap

Headspring X is a new suite of learning consulting services designed to help you create or evolve
your business' executive learning capabilities. It is designed to help you integrate learning as part of your strategy.



Go beyond symptoms and discover deep-rooted gaps

Better understand your team and their needs

Identify key external trends

Indicate possible red threads

Determine key business challenges


Programme Design

Inject innovation into your L&D strategy

Test possible methodologies

Discover roots of performance gap

Create and identify learner personas

Co-create a fully customised programme


Bespoke Learning Consulting

Get bespoke, unbiased advice from a team of expert consultants

Get full support for short assignments or complex projects. 

Align learning strategy and business objectives

Make better-informed L&D investment decisions

Develop a learning journey tailored toyour business.

Work with a team of work-class L&D experts 

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