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ESG: Culture Shift or a Passing Fad?

ESG issues have become increasingly prominent as businesses chart a route towards so-called responsible capitalism.

Is this an authentic attempt to pivot away from purely profit-driven motives or is it all an elaborate display of lip service to the latest corporate fad?

Many organisations may have no choice but to change tack, as investment firms step up their response to public scrutiny by setting their sights on sustainable opportunities.

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Thriving Through Change

5 Critical Skills for Leading Through a Global Crisis

While governments and health bodies rally to contain COVID-19 and limit the impact of the pandemic, businesses are finding themselves navigating through new and unprecedented terrain.

Leaders, of course, are themselves under immense pressure as markets follow waves of upheaval. They, too, are human and subject to a full spectrum of emotion that includes fear and anxiety.

Yet, they need to continue making good decisions that instil trust. Not easy, but the abilities required to operate this way are within reach.

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