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#16 AI and the Evolution of Executive Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been called everything from a fantasy to a curse. Between the extremes we find something more practical and useful: a tool that can be used to automate unwanted human functions and augment our ability to make good decisions.

In this episode, Artificial Intelligence expert Joel Hellermark joins us, on a discussion about the use of AI in corporate learning as well as its potential. Joel shares his enlightened views on questions such as:

  • What is the difference between artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence? and, why it matters to learning.
  • Why the future of executive learning rests on Artificial intelligence?
  • How to manage the dark side of  Artificial intelligence?
Joel Hellermark, Founder and CEO of artificial intelligence company Sana Labs.
Meet our Guest

Joel Hellermark

Joel Hellermark is the Founder and CEO of the leading artificial intelligence company Sana Labs.

Joel’s company pioneered personalised learning, and his work on the Sana technology has been featured in leading forums as well as gigantic names of media including NAACL, SXSW, Fast Company, BBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, Slush, Cognition X, Financial Times, The Guardian, and Wired.

Acknowledged for his expertise in AI,  and for pioneering the development of algorithms that transform education,  Joel has joined TED’s illustrious influencers with talks such as “How artificial intelligence will radically transform educationand has been appointed AI-specialist by the Swedish government and was recognised by Veckans Affärer as Sweden’s ‘top talent’ in 2018.

Joel has also ranked in Guardian’s Top 10 of under 35’s changing the world for the better in 2019.

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AI in corporate learning is still in its infancy... but what is its potential? Joel Hellermark