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With the expertise of the Financial Times and innovation of IE Business School, we help UK businesses develop talent, and translate trends into transformative skills.

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UK Economic Outlook

Navigating a changing Britain

As the UK experiences a wave of transformation, our clients rely on us to not only navigate changes but also to drive them.

The UK is undergoing a period of significant change, marked by Brexit, political instability, talent shortages, digital transformation, energy crises, and social disruptions. Despite these challenges, UK-based businesses have demonstrated resilience and adaptability. As the country moves towards a post-Brexit and post-COVID economy, the ability to anticipate and respond to major trends will be crucial for business success.

At Headspring, we assist our clients in comprehending emerging trends and navigating the changing landscape. Our approach is focused on empowering businesses to not only adapt but also drive change. We work with some of the largest companies in the UK, leveraging the expertise of world-class professors and Financial Times journalists to help our clients translate industry shifts into actionable skills and mindsets that foster transformation.

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How we help our clients

Empowering businesses to handle complexity

UK organisations today face complex issues that can’t be solved by generic solutions. We work with clients to deliver tailored solutions to help them adapt and thrive in change.

Custom Executive Programs

Customisation is our core expertise. Our approach is adaptable, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real business needs. If you have a complex structure with multiple learning needs, this might be right for you.

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Enterprise Programmes

Don’t settle for traditional programmes. Outpace the speed of change with enterprise-wide, custom learning solutions. Drive transformation, at scale.

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Strategic L&D Consulting

It’s time to make better-informed L&D decisions. Our bespoke consulting services are designed to help you evolve your L&D operations and integrate learning into your business strategy.

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Our client stories

Their words, not ours.

Hear what our clients have to say about the experience of working with Headspring and, most importantly, the results from their programmes.

Clifford Chance: Ethics & Reputation

Addressing ethical dilemmas and reputation risk. A series of global workshopsdesigned and delivered in partnership with Clifford Chance.

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PwC: The Learning Power of the FT

How FT perspectives strengthened PwC’s client conversations.

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Our Team

Our Team: Excellence in Programme Design and Delivery

Our people embody our global approach. We build diverse, multidisciplinary teams around our clients to provide unique experiences that create value.

Aicha Zerrouky

Business Development Director
Aicha studied History at the University of Caen, France after which she began a career in Business Development working for tech startups. She has an extensive background in strategic Business Development and in managing global multi-million dollars projects. Before joining Headspring Executive, Aicha worked at the University of Oxford-Said Business School where she helped leaders drive growth with executive education. Aicha is impact-driven and is passionate about empowering people transform their organisations through immersive and innovative learning. She is an advocate for positive change and a champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Malek Adjerad

Global Head of Learning & Innovation
Malek Adjerad (MA) is an experienced Learning and Development professional with significant experience in programme design and impact. He designs change programs worldwide that make a positive impact on people and their organisations. He has been described by clients as inspiring, reliable, fun and friendly, with a relaxed and clear business-like approach. Malek's key expertise is partnering with the business to uncover key business issues and collaborate to design and deliver suitable solutions that are practical and impactful.

Alki Antonopoulou

Learning Design Manager
Alki has a passion for designing transformative learning journeys with a particular focus on the learner experience. She works with clients to understand their needs and challenges and ensure they can evaluate ROI using effective evaluation and feedback methods. She has 10 years experience in the field and holds an M.A. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.
Featured Insights

One future. Multiple paths

A closer look at the issues making wave in the UK markets. Insights from the FT into the key topics impacting the region – from tech transformation to the businesses helping to build a sustainable future.

FT Special Report: Health at Work in the UK

What the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace data tell us about the nation’s wellbeing, as tough economic times beckon. Also: counting the cost of rising long-term sickness on the economy; how organisations can tackle rising levels of exhaustion and retain staff.

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FT Special Report: The Future of Energy

Europe’s efforts to wean itself off Russian oil and gas are being slowed by constrained supplies of renewable energy components and a lack of storage technology, but modular nuclear reactors and electricity grid balancing offer a way forward.

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Effective initiatives become critical for ailing British workers

FT/Vitality survey finds evidence of a workforce in poor shape.

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