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Learn how to develop mindsets, tools, and practices to make adaptability and agility a personal habit.

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What you will learn

Mastering Adaptability

We all know that we are living through an age of unprecedented rates of change.

We are all well versed in narratives about landscape shifts, industry disruptions, strategy redundancies.  However, familiarity with the challenge does not necessarily equal a solution. 

What do we as individuals need to navigate these waters? What skills do leaders especially need to develop to keep their organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century? 

Join us for a virtual talk led by Adam Kingl, business educator and author of Next Generation Leadership, to debate these and other questions and understand what adaptability means for your business and your teams.

  • Mindsets, tools, and practices that you can use for yourself and in the learning and development of others to make adaptability and agility a personal habit.
  • How to collectively build the organisational capacity and capability for adaptation.
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Adam Kingl - author, educator, keynote speaker and advisor
Meet our Guest

Adam Kingl

Author, Educator, Keynote Speaker, and Advisor

Adam is Adjunct Faculty at Ashridge – Hult International Business School and an instructor at Imperial College London, Sauder School of Business – University of British Columbia, Headspring Executive Development, and Duke Corporate Education.

Acknowledged for his thought-leadership in innovation, strategy, culture and leadership,  Adam Kingl is a regular keynote speaker and conference facilitator –  his work has entertained and inspired thousands of people and organisations.

Adam is also the author of “The Next Generation Leadership”  – an inspirational and high praised book that explores the character of the emerging workforce and how the nature of leadership and business will change over the next few decades as Gen Y assumes managerial positions.  Adam’s expertise can also be found in multiple publications such as The Financial Times, Sunday Times, Forbes, Fortune, The Guardian, and Fast Company, among many others.

Adam holds degrees from London Business School, UCLA, and Yale.  Throughout his career he has served on the steering committee for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). He was an associate at Saatchi & Saatchi and the Management Lab, the Executive Director of Thought Leadership at London Business School, and the Regional Managing Director for Duke Corporate Education Europe.

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