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An insightful debate between Financial Times Management Editor Andrew Hill, Harvard University’s Economist Rebecca Henderson, and Teresa Martin Retortillo, Executive President at IE Exponential Learning.

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A Path for Growth and Recovery

According to some analysts, we are not simply experiencing a downturn in the business cycle, but a complete shift in the economic order, with a long-term impact on the world of business.

While no one can say how long this will last and what the new normal will look like, there are certainly some fundamental principles that can help leaders prepare themselves and their businesses for the possibilities and uncertainties that tomorrow will bring.

Enjoy an insightful debate between Financial Times Management Editor Andrew Hill, Harvard University’s Economist Rebecca Henderson, and Teresa Martin Retortillo, Executive President at IE Exponential Learning.

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Andrew Hill
Meet our Guest

Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill is an Associate Editor and the Managing Editor of the Financial Times

Hill is an experienced business and financial journalist, commentator, and analysis editor. He joined the FT in 1988 and also worked as the City Editor, New York Bureau Chief, Foreign News Editor, and a correspondent in Brussels, Milan and London. He currently writes for the FT’s weekly column and features global business, strategy, and management.

He formed the “Strategy Live” concept in 2014 where he leads debates on strategic dilemmas with senior panel and invited audiences for The 125, the FT’s global members forum for the next-generation leaders. While in 2015, he spearheaded the launch of the FT Business Book of the Year Award. He ran the FT’s Women at the Top project from 2005-2011, highlighting the achievements of women in business and tackling gender balance.

In 2016, The Comment Awards named him as the Business Commentator of the Year and received the Commentator of the Year and Decade of Excellence award at the 2009 Business Journalist of the Year Awards.

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Teresa Martín-Retortillo
Meet our Guest

Teresa Martín-Retortillo

Teresa Martín-Retortillo is the Executive President of Exponential Learning at IE University

Before leading at the IE University, she was senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development at McGraw-Hill Education. She then supported the CEO and the executive team in the company’s digital transformation through strategy definitions and execution, as well as with investments and partnerships.

Teresa was a partner at Bain & Company where she worked for 20 years. Her responsibilities in the company included advising the C-level executives and the boards in driving company transformations and increasing the value of the shareholders.

She has extensive experience in supporting clients in private equity and has worked for various businesses across industries, including education, helping them develop their business strategies and converting them into substantial results.

She graduated from CUNEF (Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros) in Madrid holding a degree in Business Administration and MBA at Harvard Business School.

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Rebecca Henderson
Meet our Guest

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson is a distinguished Economist and the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University

Henderson is a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and also a fellow at the British Academy and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her research, teaching, and speaking centers on probing the major role the private sectors and business leaders play in building a more sustainable economy and purpose-driven capitalism.

For more than twenty years, she was a Professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Her MBA Class “Reimagining Capitalism (in a World on Fire)” was published as a book in April 2020, and was shortlisted in the FT & McKinsey 2020 Business Book of the Year Award.

She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University. She is also a board member of IDEXX Laboratories, Amgen, and Ceres, Inc.

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