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Getting ready for 2021 – How not just to survive but stay motived and thrive in the Pandemic

While many business were surprised at how much they achieved during the first wave of remote working due to COVID-19, they are now faced with growing levels of (ZOOM) fatigue and employee overwhelm.

Collectively we are wondering how to deal with the ‘long middle’ of disruption and its after-effects, how to refocus, re-energize and find purpose in 2021, as we have to navigate further into new ways of doing things.

Amongst other things, participants of this webinar will find out about:

The Stockdale Paradox – and how being either too optimistic or pessimistic in times of uncertainty can get you killed
What to focus on for yourself and your team in the coming months to stay motivated and energised
– Some surprising statistics about how men vs. women are coping with the current mental health pressures and how important recovery is for performance
– How to move from merely surviving to possibly thriving in the coming months by employing an ‘Organisational Growth Mindset’ as well as modern motivation triggers like Autonomy and Purpose

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Our experts embody our global approach, working across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. We work with multidisciplinary teams around our clients to understand strategic challenges and develop executive education programmes that create value.

Marieluise Maiwald

Marieluise Maiwald is an internationally-experienced learning and development consultant, faculty member and coach. Born and raised in Germany, she has lived, worked and studied in the US, the UK, France and Switzerland, which definitely built her resilience and adaptability.
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