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What you will learn

A Methodology for Creating Purpose

The most important role that the leaders in your organisation can have is to create the vision to empower your people and create value.
The challenge is to create a vision that sticks, while also motivating and changing behaviour.

In this session, you will learn how to ensure that your vision drives three behaviours and mindsets:

  • Engagement: Involvement in creating or sharing the vision.
  • Growth Mindset: Vision helps the teams potential.
  • Pride: The team help deliver the vision.
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Meet our Guest

Mark Fritz

Leadership Speaker, Mentor & Professor

Mark is a leadership specialist that works with executives and organizations across the world to help them change their own habits and change their businesses.

Known for his expertise in leadership, Mark has mentored leaders and delivered masterclasses in over 50 countries alongside teaching courses on leadership and influence in several business schools across Europe including such prestigious institutions as IE Business School, HEC, Porto Business School, SSE Executive Education and Headspring Executive Development.

Building on this experience, Mark helps company leaders and their teams with the tools for growth and success by creating bespoke leadership programs within organisations – recent clients include Docomo Digital and WiZink Bank.

Fritz is also the author of several books including “The Truth about Getting Things Done”, and “Lead and Influence: Get More Ownership, Commitment, and Achievement from Your Team”; within other publications.

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In this Episode

What can you do to make the vision stronger? If you want to strengthen your vision, you have to pick out the key people in your role models, and get a diverse group together. (...) A vision is something you just can't do by yourself. When you're trying to engage yourself in creating a vision, it always requires a conversation. And if you get the right people in the room or right people on a zoom call, and you're engaging them, and you're really fueling them with some possibilities, maybe bringing in your own stories and examples to fuel the discussion. That's when the magic happens.
How can you make your people engage with the vision? When you get people involved in one part of that building that vision, they tend to support the whole vision. (...) If people are seeing progress towards the vision, they're seeing that they're part of it. Now the vision is becoming part of them. And it's almost like they're seeing that this progress and the feeling of continued progress is now becoming normal. It's part of the change that you want to drive in the organization too.
A vision requires people to use their potential to deliver it. If it doesn't require them to use their potential, then probably you don't have a powerful enough vision. Mark Fritz
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