Virtual Learning Journeys

Strategic value. Through and beyond the crisis

In these challenging times, we are working hard to continue offering strategic value to you and your organisation.  Discover our virtual learning journeys and learn how Headspring can equip you with the tools you need to support your teams, leaders and c-suite.

We are in this together.

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Our Pledge

We are in this together

Developing leaders is key to the success of any organisation. More than ever, we need good leaders.

In the turbulent times we’re facing, we have learned that the key is not prediction but preparation.

There’s no shortage of good content out there. But, as every business has different needs, customisation and flexibility are key.  That’s why we have created a suite of digital learning solutions with handpicked content so you can continue offering strategic value through and beyond this crisis.

That is Headspring’s role. That is why we are here.

Our focus remains on 100% customised executive programs. Flexibility and adaptability are the essences of who we are. We look forward to discovering the unknown with you, and co-creating a more positive future.

Learning Streams

Expertise for your whole business

At Headspring, our goal is to provide you with strategic value during and well beyond the current crisis.

No one knows how the next months will be. But we are in this together. We want to help support you to develop your team and your organisation to help you navigate the stormy waters.

For Your Teams: Empower Your People

Inspire your team with content that will help them navigate complex times. We have designed and curated a series of webinars, podcasts, articles and learning insights to help them understand how work through and thrive during complex times.

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For Leaders: Insight to Inspire Action

Developing leaders is key to the success of any organisation. In the turbulent times we’re facing, we more than ever need good leaders. Our content was designed to meet the flexibility needs that your leadership requires.

Explore the Leaders Journey →
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For C-Suite: Context For Your Next Move

How to get your business ready for the next crisis? How to make the next big strategic move? We created a selection of content for your C-Suite to exploring some of these questions. We are here to provide you with unique strategic value.

Explore the C-Suite Journey →
The Structure

What to expect from our Learning Journeys

Expect applicable insights and content for your teams, leaders and senior management. Expect a variety of resources from multiple sources. Expect insight that can be turned into action.



Develop and immerse yourself and your teams with our latest virtual masterclasses. Our webinars offer a global perspective on business trends to decision-makers.

Financial Times Content

Access selected FT reports to understand the context and make sense of our learning content. Navigate uncertain times with the FT’s award-winning journalism.

IE Courses & Resources

Dive deep into a world of business-related knowledge from one of the world’s most innovative business schools. Explore a range of free short courses and resources.

Insights & Podcasts

Complement your learning experience with exclusive podcast interviews and articles crafted by the Headspring team. Take learning one step further.
This is Headspring

Everything you need to know about us - in 55 seconds

Watch our video and learn why we are trusted by some of the largest organisations in the world as their strategic learning and development partner.

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Total Customisation

Flexibility - it's in our DNA

Every business challenge and opportunity affects companies in different ways. Some solutions require a single subject focus. Others involve a complex mix of issues that call for multiple, overlapping perspectives.

All our programmes are uniquely designed to address the specific challenges of each client. Customisation is what we do; flexibility and adaptability are the essences of who we are.

Our approach is 100% adaptable, but one thing is always the same: we start with your real needs.

How we work