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Mastering Adaptability

Leadership Skills Series: Making Adaptability a Habit

Learn how to develop mindsets, tools, and practices to make adaptability and agility a personal habit.

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Leadership Skills Series: Decision Making

Learn techniques and different decision-making criteria, depending on the context of the decision you have to make.

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female leader

Self-Development & Transformation: Leading Yourself and Your Business

Learn techniques to take ownership of your self-development, so you can transform your business.

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Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever post-Covid

Beyond Well-Being: Developing Resilience

Learn how your organisation can go beyond supporting employee well-being and start developing true resilience.

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esg leadership events in dubai

Covid-19 Stress Test: Lessons from the MENA Region

What lessons can we learn from the MENA region? - 13 May 2020 | 9.30 - 10.30 (GST)

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Developing Leaders: Innovation Mindset

Learn how to improve your communications skills and develop an innovative mindset to inspire teams in times of change.

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Dialogues and Insights

Every week we challenge established patterns of thinking, inviting the audience to reassess what, how and why they learn. Learning REWIRED is where leaders discover the trends, thinkers, and insights shaping the future of learning organisations.

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Learning podcasts

Take a deep dive with handpicked podcasts

Emotional and cognitive intelligence, with Claire Dale & Patricia Peyton

In times of crisis everyone is under elevated levels of stress, but leaders bear a greater responsibility to manage their responses with equanimity and empathy.

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Mastering the skill of being adaptable, with Jim Lawless

What do we as individuals need to navigate turbulent times? What skills do leaders need to keep organisations relevant and successful in the 21st century?

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ai digital programs

The Role of Humans in an AI-driven Workplace, with IBM's Gary Kildare

Will machines become our servants? Will we integrate with technology, or will technology replace us, taking our jobs with it?

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FT Special Reports

The Future of Workplace

The office is evolving, but are we more productive? The FT has taken a look at what motivates employees and how leaders get things done.

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Short Courses

Further your Knowledge with IE Business School Content

A CIA guide to understanding your opponent

How Covid-19 is changing corporate wellbeing standards

This report investigates the effects of COVID-19 on employee wellbeing and how organisations can adapt to support the needs of their key

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Data weddings not data wars

Short Course: Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age

What does a digital world mean for you, personally? Will you be ready for an automated, AI-assisted, big-data-driven employment future?

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ie voice infographic

Learn Something New: Your Voice and Your Personal Brand

Your voice is your calling card and a major part of your personal brand. The right tone of voice is just as important as your gestures and the words you choose.

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Headspring Insight

Why do we need more humanity in business

‘Human’ skills are becoming more critical in the workplace. As important aa technical skills, is the ability to connect with and inspire people.

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