Learn how to improve your communications skills and develop an innovative mindset to inspire teams in times of change.

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What you will learn

The role of leaders driving innovation

In this dynamic session, we will discuss the key leadership values necessary in order to drive innovation through and beyond times of crisis.

How we innovate now and the values we demonstrate will deeply influence how our stakeholders react to us when things go back to normality. In this session, we will help you to understand these important concepts and how to apply them to achieve effective results.

You will also be able to experience how we educate & facilitate at Headspring, where most professors are – like professor Balvinder Singh Powar – practitioners leading exciting projects globally. 

Join us to learn and move forward together.

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Speaker Balvinder Powar
Meet our Guest

Balvinder Singh Powar

Adjunct Professor and Business Mentor at IE Business School and Headspring.

Balvinder is an Associate Professor at IE Business School where he lectures on diverse topics of his expertise such as Leadership, Team Management and Motivation, Conflict Resolution Skills, Entrepreneurship, and the New Commercial  Space Industry. He is also a Business Mentor at “The Founder Institute” and holds an MA in Mediation at the University of London.

Balvinder is CCO & MD Spain of  as well as an Executive Board member of BOOSTER Space Industries, a pioneering and innovative entrepreneurial organisation with several divisions and subsidiaries around the World, that was built to coordinate and implement a private space transportation offer and change the future of luxury adventure travel.

Balvinder is passionate about the importance of building strong and effective teams and enabling projects which push boundaries. His extensive and varied professional background has taken him through a multitude of exciting projects where he is the partner or founder such as Rootevity, Pura, or Unfold Work .

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In this Episode

What is the most important factor in innovation? Trust is probably one of the most important things in innovation because this is a value that's overlying and transversal to everything. And trust helps us to create a safe environment. If we have a safe environment, we're more likely to give more. (...) When people give more, they give more when the purpose is aligned, when they think they're doing good for themselves and others, and when they feel they have autonomy and feel valued. They're learning as they're working. So if we can put that into the equation, we're more likely to have an innovative and creative environment.
How to make the team more creative and innovative? Create an environment where people feel safe to share ideas. Ask them: What sort of environment? What sort of company culture do you want where you feel safe to share ideas, even if they're very much out of the box? (...) If people see there's a win for them and feel valued, and it aligns with purpose, people are more likely to be creative. People come up with incredible ideas because they feel safe to give them and we create an environment where we foster that type of innovation.
If we have the right foundation in the team of people who are more likely to be more creative, we're more likely to innovate. Balvinder Singh Powar
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