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The business ecosystem has been shifted dramatically. Explore a path for recovery and growth through the perspective of three FT journalists.

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A Path for Growth and Recovery

According to some analysts, we are not simply experiencing a downturn in the business cycle, but a complete shift in the economic order, with a long-term impact on the world of business.

While no one can say how long this will last and what the new normal will look like, there are certainly some fundamental principles that can help leaders prepare themselves and their businesses for the possibilities and uncertainties that tomorrow will bring.

Enjoy an insightful debate with three leading Financial Times journalists: Deputy Opinion Editor Miranda Green, Global Economy Reporter Claire Jones, and Associate Editor Michael Skapinker

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miranda green, British journalist and columnist, and the Deputy Opinion Editor at the Financial Times.
Meet our Guest

Miranda Green

Miranda Green is a British Journalist and Columnist, and the Deputy Opinion Editor at the Financial Times

Green has served as the UK and world news editor for the FT and has been the education and political correspondent for the newspaper.

She helped found and was also the editor for The Day, a daily online newspaper for school children which encourages them to engage and be part of the current affairs discourse. From 1995 to 2000, she worked for the Liberal Democrat party in the House of Commons and was the spokesperson of Paddy Ashdown.

Miranda was awarded in the 2018 Comment Awards as Culture, Diary, and Social Commentator of the Year.

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Claire Jones, FT Alphaville
Meet our Guest

Claire Jones

Claire Jones is a Global Economy Reporter, Financial Times, FT Alphaville

Claire Jones joined FT Alphaville in August 2019 to cover the global economy.  

She has worked with Financial Times as an organization since June 2011, where she joined as a money supply/economics team. Jones also worked as editor of several central banking publications prior to her roles at the Financial Times.

She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is currently based in Frankfurt where she writes about anything that lies at the intersection of economics, politics, and markets, as well as how economics should be taught.

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Michael Skapinker, Contributing Editor and Columnist at the Financial Times and Executive editor of Headspring
Meet our Guest

Michael Skapinker

Contributing Editor and Columnist at the Financial Times and Executive Editor of Headspring

Michael Skapinker has held many positions within Financial Times, namely: FT Weekend editor, FT Special Reports editor, and managing editor.

Skapinker regularly chairs and speaks at business conferences and events worldwide. He is also an experienced management educator and has run leadership programmes at many of the world’s leading organisations.

Throughout his career, Skapinker has received several awards that including the Work Foundation Members’ Award for his outstanding contribution to the understanding of working life in 2003 and was named WorkWorld Media Awards Columnist of the Year in 2008. At the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards, he was named Business Commentator of the Year (2012) and Business Ethics Commentator of the Year (2015).

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