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Learn how to make better informed decisions by mapping out your learning needs and performance gaps in your business.

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What you will learn

Understanding the learning gaps in your business

How do you solve the age-old challenge of aligning L&D efforts to business strategy? How can you measure and understand the impact that L&D investments have on business performance?

Performance gaps are often just a symptom of a much deep-rooted problem. Learning solutions that focus on the symptoms fail to cure the real cause.

In this session we will present our 7-step methodology to uncover the real causes of your performance challenges. This session will help you to map out the learning and performance gaps in your business so you can make better-informed investments​.

Join us for a virtual talk led by Malek Adjerad, Director of Learning and Design at Headspring to debate these and other questions and understand how to make better informed L&D decisions.

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Guest Speaker

Malek Adjerad

Director of Learning Design, Headspring

Malek Adjerad is an experienced Learning and Development professional with significant experience in programme design and impact.

He designs world-class change programmes that makes a positive impact on people and their organizations. Acknowledged for great stakeholder management skills which are used to effect in building relationships at all levels and influencing solutions to business issues.

He has been described by clients as inspiring, reliable, fun and friendly, with a relaxed and clear business-like approach. Malek’s key expertise is partnering with the business to uncover key business issues and collaborate to design and deliver suitable solutions that are practical and impactful.

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