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#09 Physical Intelligence

It has never been more important for leaders to master their own emotional and cognitive intelligence. In times of crisis, everyone is under elevated levels of stress, but leaders bear a greater responsibility to manage their responses with equanimity and empathy.

EQ and IQ are important to effective decision-making, but science is revealing that these intelligences begin in our bodies, as part of a complex system of neurochemicals and hormones. This system can be refined through basic behavioural changes that lead to increased individual and organisational performance.

In this episode,  authors of the groundbreaking book Physical Intelligenceand somatic optimisation experts Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton join us to share their views on the topic:

Claire Dale, movement specialist and a leading exponent of Physical Intelligence. United Kingdom.
Meet our Guests

Claire Dale

Claire Dale is a movement specialist and a leading exponent of Physical Intelligence. With a background in Contemporary dance, she has led her own dance company to European critical acclaim during the 1990s and has created works for Sir Paul McCartney, Alsop Architects, CandoCo and L’Oreal as well as working on many theatre productions.

Developing and leading high profile projects in the arts enabled Claire to develop her own leadership skills which then inspired the development of the Physical Intelligence concept – using her knowledge of the body to support peak performance in Leadership Development and ultimately across all levels of the organisation.

Claire integrated her Physical Intelligence experience into the world of business by joining the elite team of business coaches at RADA and launching Companies in Motion in 2002 where she coaches and trains from board level down to newly hired employees to help them achieve peak performance.

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Patricia Peyton, consultant and Managing Director at Sphere International.
Meet our Guests

Patricia Peyton

Patricia Peyton is a consultant with over 30 years of experience in providing customised training and development programs for all employee-level.

She is Managing Director of leadership and sales consultancy at Sphere International and partners with world class (Fortune 500 / FTSE 100) organisations designing Physical Intelligence programs.

Her consulting services and training design have helped hundreds of companies to establish sales, service, and coaching cultures, significantly increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, employee retention and profitability. Her client portfolio includes Cisco, Facebook, Google, WeWork, Hewlett Packard, VMware, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Sanofi-Aventis, Eisai, SOLTA, Somanetics, Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Invesco, Credit Suisse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Marsh, Allianz, Met Life, Liberty Mutual, Tiffany and Co, Shell Oil and Novozymes.

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In this Episode...

What is physical intelligence? Physical intelligence acknowledges the fact that there are neural networks throughout the body, and that the body and the emotions are interacting with the brain and the mind to form a mind all the time. So physical intelligence is the ability to detect and actively manage a bunch of chemicals that influence how we think how we feel, how we speak, how we behave, so that we can achieve our best performance at that moment, influence others, and master our own emotions.
Does an individual have the potential to manage themselves, despite the intensity of the environment? Absolutely. Inside us, chemicals such as testosterone, serotonin, oxytocin are chemicals that dictate our our confidence levels, our risk tolerance, our sense of ease and well being and therefore, the ease at which we can properly connect, help others perform at their best and create a culture of high performance.