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#01 Humans in an AI Workplace

We are all aware of the apparently imminent Age of Artificial intelligence, though views of the future relationship between man and machine vary wildly. Especially debatable is the impending impact of AI and automation in the workplace.

In this episode, we are joined by Gary Kildare who offers his views on questions like:

  • What is Artificial intelligence? (it’s not what you think)
  • Where does responsibility for ongoing learning and skills development lie?
  • Where should organisations and their leaders start in preparing for the unfolding of AI?
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Gary Kildare, Chair of the People Committee for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation of the UK Ministry of Defence. United Kingdom.
Meet our Guest

Gary Kildare

Gary Kildare is currently the Chair of the People Committee for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation of the UK Ministry of Defence,  as well as a Board Advisor and Non-executive Director across a number of organisations including The British Quality Foundation.

He was a former Chief Human Resources Officer for Europe and the Global Head of Labour Relations for the IBM Corporation. He was then responsible for reinventing the workforce strategy in the region. 

Kildare’s expertise includes international and multi-country business, people transformation, culture and diversity, M&A, strategy, governance, restructuring, risk and reputation management, and talent and success.

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In this Episode...

Are robots going to take our jobs or it’s more of a blended approach between assistive technology and human skills? If you consider the way things are likely to evolve, then the notion of harnessing human and machine together is so much more powerful than the the whole notion that humans are going to be unnecessary. I think that is quite fanciful and the stuff of science fiction, rather than science fact.

Will this change the structure of some jobs? Yes it will, but I don't think we have to be concerned or worried about that. Technology has always had an impact on rules and jobs over time and I think there'll be new rules that are created.
Even if augmented intelligence take away a lot of menial jobs, will we still be required to upskill ourselves and keep learning in order to optimise that process? Absolutely - that is the way the world is turning. And that's the way that we need to be thinking about things. The education model of school, and university, and work, and retirement is a bankrupt model. You are already hearing the people in the learning and education profession, beginning to talk about the need for more training, and more skilling. We have heard for the last 15 or 20 years about lifelong learning, but it is becoming a reality - even technical skills these days is around five years (and getting shorter), which means that each of us will have a kind of obligation for ourselves to continue to learn, continue to grow, to continue to develop in order that we're staying up to speed on progress, and we continue to be employed, and do things that are are part of the plan that we have for ourselves, whatever that may be. I love the idea of an apprenticeship for life.
I love the idea of an apprenticeship for life. Gary Kildare