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Bonus: Embodying sustainability through D&I

We were fortunate to have a chat with Shiela Vinczeller, Chief Human Resources Officer at global manufacturer Aptar, who shared her passion for Diversity & Inclusion and explained how D&I can play a big role in a company’s sustainable development.

Shiela was in London for Aptar’s powerful custom leadership programme, Campus, co-created with Headspring, by Financial Times & IE Business School, and we used the opportunity to learn about the role of D&I in the evolution of sustainable capitalism.

Shiela Vinczeller, Chief Human Resources Officer, Member of the Executive Committee of Aptar.
Meet our Guest

Shiela Vinczeller

Shiela Vinczeller is the Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the Executive Committee of Aptar, a global supplier of a broad range of innovative consumer dispensing, sealing, and packaging solutions.

Her 25 years of experience in global human resources leadership helps Aptar meet its strong track record of building effective teams and talent management with deep involvement in diversity and inclusion.

Vinczeller also took Human Resources leadership roles at International Paper for 12 years and deployed the global Diversity and Inclusion programs. She was also responsible for the company’s global talent management and talent acquisition strategies, workforce planning, employee engagement, leadership development, and management successions.

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