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#04 ESG, CEOs and Corporate Scandal

Ethical and sustainable corporations are not just about flowery ideologies, hugging trees, or peace, love and unity. This is basic good business. Companies that want to endure and thrive need to commit to doing the right thing, not just for people and the planet, but for their own long-term success.

These are some of the lessons learned from José Hernandez, author of Broken Business: Seven Steps to Reform Good Companies Gone Bad and rehabilitator of companies in crisis. Speaking from 20 years’ experience at the frontline of corporate scandal, José shares that companies are not inherently “good” or “bad”, but are rather defined by how they respond to the critical dilemmas in environmental, social and governance domains.

Reflecting on his experience at the frontlines of corporate scandal, José shares:

  • The dangers of an “us versus them” perspective that writes off employees guilty of misconduct as bad apples
  • The willful blindness that inevitable leads to legale and reputational damage
  • Why doing the right thing is not just an ethical proposal, it’s a business imperative
  • How leaders can limit the risks of misconduct and corporate scandal by aligning their businesses with stronger environmental, social and governance purpose
José Hernandez
Meet our Guest

José Hernandez

José R. Hernandez, CPA, CA, Ph.D. is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ortus Strategies. His company addresses the needs of organizations who are facing legal, regulatory and reputational challenges.

Hernandez is internationally recognized as an expert on crisis management, business integrity, and corporate misconduct.

He was formerly a partner in a Big Four firm and co-founded that firm’s European Securities Litigation practice. He has also served as Deputy Independent Corporate Monitor and Independent Compliance Advisor to several leading global organizations based in North America and Europe. Currently, he is a Senior Advisor to Freeh Group International Solutions.

Hernandez completed his Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration at VU University Amsterdam, where he is a guest faculty member; his doctoral dissertation is titled “Principles, Processes, and Practices of Fraud Prevention.”