Learning Rewired

#06 Leader as Listener and Learner

The industrial era was defined by the need to know everything. The new industrial revolution is defined by the need to learn and learn and relearn without inflexibility and attachment.

In this episode, Simon Ashton joins us for a conversation where he shares his views on the mainstream approaches to business education, the perception and implementation of emotional intelligence, and the tools that leaders need to develop to thrive in uncertain times. And, help us answers questions like:

  • Which intelligences will become increasingly relevant as we move into the age of AI?
  • And how do we construct a learning culture to support their development?
Simon Ashton
Meet our Guest

Simon Ashton

Simon Ashton is a business psychologist, a trainer, and a leadership coach with over 15 years’ experience in L&D.

Having experience in Business Psychology for 15 years, and backed by Neuroscience principles, he helps train and coaching employers to find the best talent for their organizations by making them understand how individuals think, act, and feel, transforming performance and maximising potential to achieve tangible business outcomes.

Simon headed up his own L&D consultancy and has previously held a number of roles in the executive search field. Simon holds an MSc in Business Psychology and is accredited by the British Psychological Society as a psychometric assessment practitioner.