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Transformational Culture

What does good culture look like? Why is having a shared purpose within organisations so important? And where do formal processes go wrong?

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Learning Rewired Season 2

#06 Transformation Culture with David Liddle

David Liddle calls for organisations to adopt a radical new approach to company culture, built on the foundations of fairness, justice, inclusivity, sustainability, and high performance.

In this podcast, our host Thiago Kiwi speaks with David Liddle, who is CEO of the TCM Group.

  • The core elements of building a good company culture.
  • Why purpose is so important in high-performing companies.
  • Where formal procedures go wrong, and what can be done to change them.
Meet our Guest

David Liddle

David Liddle is CEO of the leading transformational culture consultancy, The TCM Group. He is also founding president of the Institute of Organizational Dynamics and author of Managing Conflict (Kogan Page/CIPD).

David created the FAIR Model™ which is the benchmark mediation and investigations model in use in workplaces across the UK. In 2014, frustrated with the corrosive and damaging systems for addressing issues in the workplace, David launched his innovative Resolution Policy™ which numerous organisations have now adopted to replace their outdated discipline and grievance procedures.

David was recently named on HR Magazine’s list of Most Influential thinkers. His new book Transformational Culture was released in September (Kogan Page).

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In this Episode...

Are the relationship between the organisation and the employee changing? Is this relationship more human-centric today? I think a lot of organizations are searching for this and striving towards it. Whether or not they're there yet, it is open to a bigger discussion. There are real challenges: the great resignation, the challenges in the labour market, but there’s also a huge strategic imperative. The smart candidates, smart investors, and smart customers are demanding an organisation which is starting to live a people centric purpose.
How can the HR function move away from being mainly transactional and reactive? To start with, HR must remove itself as the perception of the long arm of management. They must stop serving management as a function of protecting management - management needs to protect themselves, they don't need an HR function to do it for them. HR should become a truly independent people and culture function in the modern firm. The HRBP function automatically is seen as protecting management and the risk of an adverse outcome in an employment tribunal. They should be people partners. If the people are the business, and HR become the people partners, and create an environment whereby people can be the best version of themselves.

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