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  • The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on ESG issues
  • What to focus on to support decision-making
  • The benefits of implementing ESG policies
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What you will learn

A business shouldn’t have to choose between profit and purpose.

As well as mastering strategy and finance, business leaders today need to demonstrate they can do the right thing when it comes to their people and to major social, political and environmental issues.

The Covid-19 crisis has made this clearer than ever. In this process, HR and L&D functions have become crucial to business survival and the growth of sustainable leadership.

As with Covid-19, ESG issues are ultimately defined by their effects on people. It is crucial, then, that those responsible for the development of leaders and people within organisations play an important role in how companies emerge from the global pandemic.

This report’s goal is to prepare leaders to support their business through some of the most significant shifts in the history of business.

Key Insights

Learn how the industry sees the impact of ESG on business.

Guiding Principles

How to navigate towards sustainable and responsible business.

Understanding the Impact

Why HR and L&D are critical to the development of sustainable leadership.

Key Findings

In conducting this research, Headspring has complemented field interviews with analysis and commentary from faculty, leading thinkers, academics, journalists and practitioners. 

We interviewed more than 350 senior HR and L&D executives from large corporations in Europe and the Middle East, to better understand how prepared CHRO, CLOs, directors and HoDs are, for the development that is required in the domains of sustainable leadership.

of HR & L&D leaders believe ESG should be a business priority
see ESG as as a strategic way to adapt to change, improve employee relations and reputation
of surveyed businesses have learning programmes to support leaders through change


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